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  1. I got same problem with black screen while ringing, first 5-6 seconds, then it respond and you can see who call you. Before that u see just black buth phone is ringing.. And one BIG problem is that constant syncing, it kills batery for 7-8 hours at night, at idle.. Is there any solution to fix that?? Maybe some updated gapps or something similar?
  2. thanks C3C0 nice rom. youtube is a little slower then on mokee but its tolerable how high to go with cpu? which governor should use? and what io scheduler to use?
  3. what abouth flash player on this rom? i tryed versions 10.2 and 11 and none work with dolphin browser hd? any solutions? and gta 3 is not working, any fix?
  4. can you reupload this rom? it says this when i open link The file you requested was not found Lets see if we can find that for you... Search results for devs/tilal6991/skate/ROMs/CFX/cm-9-20120628-EXPERIMENTAL-skate-ColdFusionX-tilal6991.zip

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