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  1. I would use one of the recoveries pinned at the top of the section (I used lens_flares (I think)) Also, make a backup of the phone again in the new recovery, I'm not sure if you will be able to restore your older backup
  2. You install it using Clockworkmod (recovery), just like you would install a ROM, but without wiping the data
  3. Sorry for being annoying,but Will this wipe my data?
  4. vache - doesnt have the phone, but he helped Lens_flare a bit Pinguy - hasn't come on this fourm for aaages and I'm not sure if he has the phone Lgcmn - no idea where they are Superandrex - I think he said he doesn't want to put pressure on his phone so he can't do it Technolover - no idea where they are
  5. Is this the 3rd topic by different people asking the same question now?
  6. Are you holding down any buttons when rebooting? If you are, dont. Did you do a full wipe before installing the rom? If not, do it then re-install the rom. If neither of that works, download the rom again and install that.
  7. with 1.5 you can do it through the Liquid MT control app (by technolover) and I'm pretty sure you can do it with 1.3, just download the app and go :D
  8. Why can't you just download the one on lfdesigns?
  9. I don't think you can mess up your phone that much with a recovery, but I'm not an expert at that subject :P
  10. Everything is working fine on my nexus 7 (apart from the December calendar bug)
  11. flash a working recovery like you did the very first time you installed a recovery on your phone :P
  12. 1) yeah the warranty is void, but you can 'un-void' it 2) Theyre stored in the recovery partition 3) someone answered that
  13. Well done :) personally, I would use azurmetal s if you want the breeze ui feel, or cm7.29 by davidevinal if you prefer cm7 and themes
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