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  1. 1st reboot since i use this rom after update to 29 and generaly seems laggish
  2. I dont know what reboots people talking about but 3 days i am on this and updating everyday (g510) i installed it with cmw have 0 reboots and 0 problems so far
  3. Well i seen used for 250 euro, and new is about 350 .
  4. Is there a solution for random switching ringtone? my phone is after some time returnin to default ringtone anybody else have this problem?
  5. I don't see nothign wrong eather ,i like g300. Just wondering if someone had both phones what are thougths coz i am having dilemma here, shoudl i save money or buy s2 which isn't that new but it should still be a good phone some parts are almost same as s3, at least on the paper. thx .
  6. I am getting decent offer for Samsung galaxy s2 , do u think it would be huge jump from g300 to s2 ? or shoud i stay on huawei g300, chill xD, and save some money. Please Share Your Thoughts. thx.
  7. How much benefit in performance you expect if they fix Open Gl ?
  8. In Serbia its very popular as phone and as internet rooters i know for huawei for about 10 years . its getting even more popular since g300 model coz it offer a lot for very cheap cost, here they give it basicly free with sign up contract of 2 years. Keep good work xD
  9. I have g300 now for like month, before i had 2 x zte skate's, before that lg 540 and before that zte racer and huawei u8500 , so far i been playing with roms and i can say g300 is best phone i had from all of list ( i know its not much but those are androids not listing my old phones like Nokias and Motorols back from 1999 ) well anyhow i am thinking to buy 1 g300 for wife as well i am sad that you have so much problems with your phones people . For money it cost and what it offers huawei g300 is clear winner, i got it for almost free. Cheers.
  10. I couldn't update "normaly" i had to change imei etc to force it to update which gave me lots of troubles later with restoring imei ,
  11. Woaah after ton of experiments i am on it finally ( i was on atomic>ginger stock>upgrade ) , btw i didn't knew that 5rom cant restore IMEI from ginger on ICS >< this gave me lots of trouble but i managed to manualy restore IMEI now testing new rom so far it runs great.
  12. tillaz 1 question plz. how do i upgrade to this from your atomic ginger, cheers.
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