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  1. chocoholic23


    yes i tried switching it off via both methods, power widget as well as from display settings.So i hav to pin point which application is making it do so and remove it?
  2. chocoholic23


    I have Skatie version 2,4 installed on my skate. It's been working very well. but of recent iI'm facing the problem of the orientaion of the screen changing on its own. I have auto roation ticked off, but after using some apps, within a few minutes, if i rotate the phone, the screen also rotates. On checking it shows that auto rotation option is ticked . No matter how many times i untick the option, after a few minutes, it appeas ticked. Can someone help me out here? I want it to be remain unticked when I do so.
  3. chocoholic23


    i asked at the shop, they said that they dont know if the mic part will work or not on the zte phone
  4. chocoholic23


    the original earphones i got with my skate recently gave way. need to buy a new one. the question is, will the nokia, samsung, sony, skull candy earphones(wid mic) present in the market be compatible with my set?
  5. chocoholic23

    someone please help me

    post in the zte skate forum. ask there for help
  6. chocoholic23

    ZTE Skate Stock ROMs

    umm i think my original rom was skate v1. something something. sorry but i dont remember and i hav already modded my cell. although i do have a copy of my original rom
  7. chocoholic23


    for the screen not going off, i think maybe your screen timeout value has changed. Goto settings---> display---> screen timeout and assign a new value. maybe this will solve the problem
  8. it doesnt come under a manufacturer name? if you have windows 7, i think its one of the topmost options that comes in the list
  9. your phone isnt getting detected. go to device manager. right click on the faulty device and choose to update manually. when the list of devices come, choose "composite adb interface /zte composite adb interface". i think that should install the necessary drivers to detect your phone
  10. and btw...:D its a great mod :D absolutely awesome. so many features, i still have to get the hang of them though. would love to know how to make a custom rom on my own someday :D:p
  11. thanks a lot :) and i gotta flash it, from cwm ? like how i updated 1.1 to 2.4?
  12. ok thanks, but which one? im confused. whats rtl version and non rtl version
  13. its ok, i sorted it out :)there is another problem though. i dont have an alarm set on my cell, but still lock screen shows an alarm present http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/201/screenshot1338659997167.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/804/screenshot1338660017174.png/
  14. umm.. i downloaded skatie's 2.4 update and by mistake locked the screen. and foolishly i also deleted the notification telling me how to unlock the main screen. can u please help me out
  15. chocoholic23

    take backup of stock ROM

    all the best.. i did a backup through cwm and it was generated successfully and now i have flashed a custom mod on my skate :D

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