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  1. Just got my G300 and was wondering about getting a screen protector. Is there any evidence that the protectors are causing this, or with it being gorilla glass is one necessary anyway? What does anyone advise please. Thanks as ever, D
  2. daveyman1

    Condition out of the box

    Thanks for all the advice. They've sent me out an envelope so I'll see how I get on. Paid by visa cc so if there are any issues at least I've that protection too. Couldn't wait so went into Vodafone shop today and made sure I got a totally untouched handset, clean and pure as the driven snow. Time for some flaming I think. Now where did I put those Roms.........
  3. daveyman1

    Condition out of the box

    Thanks for all the info. Told Voda I want to return it and they've sent me out a return envelope-all seems very straightforward! I'll just nip to the shop and get one and then look at it before leaving-lost the TCB cash back though-worth it for a proper new phone. Thank again all, D
  4. Just received my G300 from Voda via courier and am not sure they're trying to pass off a returned handset. Should the screen have a plastic stuck on protector and is it normal to have fingerprints over the screen and sim housing? Also the small notch to open the back appears to have been forced-there is a dent in the upper lip as if something sharps been used on it? The phone's locked but I suppose if it was returned by a voda customer they wouldn't have unlocked it? All seems to be in the box and the battery appears new. Is it worth the hassle of sending it back? Do Voda regularly do this sort of thing? Any advice would be helpful, Thanks, Davey
  5. daveyman1

    SAR level

    Re SAR levels, the debate is very out about what is "dangerous". Also sometimes the accuracy of the quoted maximums is also debated. If these levels are accurate then it's one of the lower ones out there-look at SE, Nokia and most HTC phones. However, these things do matter to some people and I know colleagues I've been plugging this marvel to have asked more than once about them. D
  6. daveyman1

    SAR level

    thank you Flibblesan, you're a star. I can not understand why it's proved so hard to find the info., both vodafone and huawei offered no help at all. Thank you again.
  7. Does anyone have any accurate SAR levels for this phone, either US (head and body) or EU (head)? Ideally both. Finding it very difficult to get a true/accurate answer. Thanks in advance, Dave
  8. daveyman1

    Headphone Audio Quality

    Thanks for the info everyone. I'll just have to hope that ICS improves things I suppose. How can some phone manufacturer's get it right even in lower end devices (partic Samsung) and others not, I guess it's 'priorities'? Out of interest is the sound really bad when watching video too?
  9. daveyman1

    Headphone Audio Quality

    Does anyone think that there might be a genuine huawei OTA software fix for audio improvement in the future. Do we need to complain to Huawei direct and say it's not good enough etc or do you think it'll get sorted in 'due corse' like a lot of other glitches? Hope this gets to be an issue for them as it's an important aspect of many people's phone usage and it would be a shame if such an excellent handset is compromised thus. Particularly as the SAR level is nice and low so that we won't fry our brains listening to our Mp3s
  10. daveyman1

    Headphone Audio Quality

    Thanks to all for this info. Do you think any future firmware/software updates might improve things? I do have some good headphones so will give it a go and suppose I could always carry my sansa clip if it's dire. Cheers, D
  11. I'm sold on this phone but really need to know what the audio quality is like through the headphone socket. I listen to a lot of classical music so it needs to be loud and have good depth. I'm coming from a Sam Gal Apollo which is good but never matched my Nokia 5800 or SE w810i (the best of the lot). How does this phone compare-I've my own selection of headphones as I'm sure the free ones aren't up to much? Forgive me if this has already been covered elsewhere but I have searched in vain through the posts already. Many thanks in advance for your help, Daveyman1

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