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  1. New features will only work with LPA incorporated into the build, using them drains battery like hell and absilutely not worth it unless you got true LPA and no one has that at this point (even though some chipsets are fronting it and failing miserably, draining battery while being connected to the charger in LPA mode, we need experimental QC drivers to accomplish it and it breaks audio completely to use them because we don't have the LL drivers in the kernel)
  2. I can initialize a build for Mokee with three commands, does that make it "professionally maked"? I can do that because KonstaT already did all the work, look him up and add points to each and every one of his posts, if not for him you'd have stock and that would be ALL you would have.
  3. Have you looked into Evervolvs work with kitkat-staging? He's using ION for everything but camera, just transplanting the MAKO ADRENO blobs and kernel code works to get webview working, i just noted that in staging he is adding "use pmem adsp" as a flag which would essentially mean that we get to use ION for everying but camera. I've compiled a working kernel for the OT995 using the MAKO drivers and that kernel isn't that far from yours (except for MDP version but EGL won't care about that) and added back the pmem stuff and gotten an end result where i can boot my phone and use it with all the bugs that are still in CM-11 but camera is working and webview is working too.
  4. What they are doing is illegal, i can't put it any clearer than that.
  5. Because you touch yourself at night. NO ONE, literallly NOT ONE of the other users has this problem, you don't have a log of it and you have not described the problem more than "doesn't play,". The problem is with your phone, wipe everything and reinstall it. It works for everyone else (literally every single one who has ever tried this rom has it working just fine).
  6. Since you didn't bother to search the forum before asking why should anyone take even as much as half of a second out of their day to answer it? Search the damn forum before asking questions that have been asked and answered.
  7. Snap.IT


    I think he's moving on to different things, but yeah. All the time in the Blade forum none of this happened, not at the beginning on this forum either and then a bunch of Eastern Europeans showed how NOT to behave and it went downhill from there. I don't blame him, i left three forums for the same reason, people can't read a word you write or they just ignore it, they expect you to repeat yourself every three posts because they can't read through a thread and finally, they expect you to fix things on their end like a broken router... I noted his updates on the github though and he's still updating cm-11. So no, he's not "mad" at some people, he's just tired of users not being able to comprehend even the simplest things.
  8. Indeed it does, i assume you ran mka clobber before brunchin again? You can't get the same error message because that bit of code isn't implemented if you comment that flag out, it's literally impossible to get the same error message then.
  9. That is impossible. Commenting out that will remove the offending code completely, there is no way in HELL you can get the same error after doing so. It is literally impossible since it cancels out those sections of code that errored out in your first error. Did you use my local manifest script to do this? Because if you didn't and you added it manually and then repo synced that will not work, you need to use the actual manifest for it to work. I'll compile it myself after i'm done with a new version for the 4x.
  10. Considering that the kernel is GPL'd (v2) not releasing the code is actually illegal, not that Chinese companies have ever cared about patents and licenses but still. Report it to the FSF, they are used to dealing with that kind of thing.
  11. No worries. I recognized the error from a bad flag in the dev tree of the Alcatel OT-995 when i was making it, works in 4.3 but not in 4.4.
  12. Commend out this line (on line 31): LOCAL_CFLAGS += -DQCOM_VOIP_ENABLED in Android.mk in the libaudio directory of the device tree. That'll fix it.
  13. I know, i saw "cm_atlas40-userdebug 4.1.2 JZO54K eng.tuomas.20130812.093936 test-keys" Always give credits to the people who actually made the ROM you modded. :)
  14. You built this entirely from scratch and thus feel no need to give credits to anyone who's work you have used? That's quite impressive.
  15. If you just use the local manuscripts i just posted before you repo sync it will pull all the things you need to build it and everything will be the correct version. Oh and for CM-11.0 you'll need to change <remove-project name="android_frameworks_av"/> into <remove-project name="CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av"/> other than that it should be the same for CM as it is for Pac-Man.
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