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  1. Great rom,thanks C3C0,with nova notification bar transparency dont work for me,also signal icons in nb coloring dont work just clock can be changed,pie sometimes dont show up like it is under it works but is invisible ,thats all ,for now . :)
  2. Im using link2sd and i have no apps installed on sd,thank u anyway but rom is so great that i dont realy mind such small bugs,but I would realy like if working google now would be included in gapps :)
  3. Music now works,after reboot,only fc sometimes when I try to turn volume up while playing music,same as in previous build.Could someone tell me from where or how to install google now,Everything else is just perfect .Now gallery dont work ,nothing in there,wtf.I turned mass storage on than of and gallery appeared ,strange.
  4. Pie controls search button dont work for me -do I have to install google now first?Music dont work anymore fc,I upgraded,didnt go clean install.
  5. tank you sparl I searched half an hour at least ,btw great catch for two finger sliding very useful :)
  6. great thanks,its great only I dont have search on it,how can I change that? I also dont understand how to access nav bar_tiles?Sorry for so much questions its just that I realy like this options :) O.K. I got it Up and right usb conected,up an left tiles.
  7. Install e.g. Nova launcher. It has option to show/hide search bar thank you,are u planing of putting google now search on pie controls? Nova is even faster(more responsive) than default so thank u very much,now its perfect :D
  8. For me there isnt any bugs that I cant live with only that i would really like to remove search bar,btw daydream is great.
  9. Im sorry for the probably stupid question but I cant seem to find how to get rid of google search tooolbar from home screen?
  10. I flashed it and it is working great,for now :)Link2sd is working,pie is great...Storage menu fc.
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