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  1. Flash the 'Basic version' S3 kernel from here - http://www.modaco.com/topic/353434-kernel-s3-for-cyanogenmod-roms/ from CWM.
  2. They aren't downsides to you, nor most of them to me, but they are all features/capabilities that are lost when using ICS over GB. I'm not trying to make a case either way, I was just chasing up on the other post. Flash within apps like the iPlayer won't work on ICS, but does on GB. HQ video doesn't work, depending on your definition of HQ. Videos with higher bitrates will struggle on ICS and eventually fall out of sync. Lower bitrate stuff is fine though. Agreed, the flash is awful. HQ Youtube is a fairly big downside for me, but not enough to put me off. Completely agree. I think what we can do with a pretty crappy phone is amazing. All the devs deserve a ton of praise and I appreciate every bit of effort they've put in. I'm not knocking them. I was just pointing out some (potential) negatives :) Like you, I'm about 90% browsing, the rest some light games/texts/IM, so ICS is great for me.
  3. Apart from choppy HQ video playback, choppy HQ Youtube, no camera flash, no Flash support and no Dolby/Bravia support (if you want to even count that)? I'm not knocking CFX, hell I'm using it right now, but you should know what you're sacrificing by not using a 2.3.x ROM.
  4. Not Opera Mini, Opera Mobile. Opera Mini is a mobile-only browser which is why the sites have a different layout. It runs javascript just fine.
  5. The best performing Flash player for me has been 10.3 - http://minus.com/lbwkGtllwtstr2
  6. I use Opera Mobile sometimes in place of Dolphin because it allows custom CSS. I launched the main Skate index - http://www.modaco.co...skatemodacocom/ - and just as the page finished loading, the posts disappeared. I tried changing the layout options but no luck. Here is a picture taken on my desktop - http://i.minus.com/imFv9SWe5nLCC.PNG - that mimics exactly how the page looks on my browser. It's as if the table collapses when the page finishes loading, for whatever reason. I tried forcing it to appear with some custom CSS, but that didn't work either. I couldn't find any related posts on this. Can anyone else confirm this behaviour? I'm on Opera Mobile 12 on CM7.2.
  7. The first page where you download the ROM explains what is/isn't working (and most other pages too). The camera flash/Flash will (99.9% certainty) never work. If you want a Skate that is 100% functional then use a 2.3.x-based ROM that it's designed for, and fully supports, the hardware (ie arm v6). You get no camera flash, no Flash, no FM radio, no Dolby/Bravia support and most importantly, choppy HQ video/Youtube playback. Sure ICS is nice, but it's too much of a sacrifice IMO. The only real difference that I noticed was a smoother browser. If you benchmark your phone (for what it's worth), then a 2.3.x-based ROM (in my own tests) will score 10-20% higher overall than a 4.0.x-based one.
  8. If you're going to use an ICS ROM then it's 95% likely that you'll never have smooth HQ video/Youtube.
  9. See part 10 here - http://www.modaco.com/topic/349541-faq-rooting-for-beginners-updated-26-02-12/ Also Skate TPTs here - http://www.modaco.com/topic/348776-zte-skate-tpts/ TPT Helper too - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amphoras.tpthelper&hl=en
  10. You need a larger system partition. I've 210MB and it installed them ok. I don't they are needed anyway. TPT Helper from the store will do the trick.
  11. I just use the Droidsail linker instead. I had no problem moving any apps. I suppose it wouldn't do any harm to increase it to something in between.
  12. Choose to 'Create your own TPT' in that app. Set the cache to 2, and system to 210, the data is the remainder. I've only 210MB on the system and the extras installed fine. You can make it 215MB if you want to be sure. Then choose 'Power off to start the TPT'. Grant su permissions when asked and then, when the phone turns off, hold volume up+menu+power button to begin the TPT. Make sure you have the ROM zip (and gapps) on the SD card so you can start installing straight away. The TPT app will dump you into Clockworkmod when it's done (5 seconds).
  13. I've 210/238/2. How have you 10MB less? I just checked the terminal and system has 201MB being used. Strange this is, I got the 'extras' error on the build from last week, even when I TPT'd a 260MB system partition, but with this build 210MB is working ok.
  14. No, it's not that. It can't be accessed. Skydrive is saying that the file isn't shared/don't have permission to view it.
  15. I don't know about the cam playback but the flash is an issue with any ICS-based ROM. See here for more info - http://www.modaco.co...s-rom-over-23x/
  16. Not with an ICS-based ROM, no. If you want everything to work then you need to use a Gingerbread ROM (CM7/Mokee/Atomic etc).
  17. Can't really comment on long term stability as I've only had the Skate a few weeks, but I'd go with CM7.2. Any ICS ROM will have missing functionality like camera flash (although the flash itself is terrible) and no FM radio etc. You could always just reset it back to the generic ZTE ROM or the one for the network carrier it came with.
  18. That's the reason I started this thread - http://www.modaco.com/topic/354882-advantages-to-using-an-ics-rom-over-23x/. I wasn't even aware that FM radio was broken too. Added to the list.
  19. Yeah, it worked ok, but I thought I was missing something with the extras not being installed. Do you know what the extras are exactly? I didn't format the data partition and the linked apps all worked ok. Saved me a ton of time at the Play store.
  20. I tried updating to C3C0's build from a few days back (wiping cache/formatting system/keeping data) but it gave an error at the end about not having enough space (something about extras). Seems that CM9 has less room to work with. Even if I'm installing new apps, I'll have to do 2-3 at once, then link them to SD/clear cache to make more room before I can carry on. With CM7 I can install far more without needing to make space. Is there a better way to set up partitions for CFX to work around this (TPT?). Sometimes even if the linker (Droidsail) says I have 40-50MB free, I'll still get the 'insufficient space' warning. Ideally I'd like to be able to update CFX without needing to go for a clean wipe/format every time. Cheers.
  21. If the HW issues can be overcome then using CFX over CM7 would be a no-brainer. It's the only thing that's keeping me on Mokee (although Mokee is fantastic already).
  22. I've had my Skate about a week now and I've pretty much tried every ROM. I came full circle back to CM7 7.2 as it seemed to have 'everything'. I almost settled on ColdFusionX until I realised - Choppy video playback - Choppy HQ Youtube - No Flash support - No camera flash - No Dolby/Bravia - No FM radio There may be others, feel free to point them out. ICS uses more resources too so it (for me) didn't feel as sharp. I pretty much always use the latest builds of any software I use, but in this case I felt I was sacrificing too much, just so I could say I was running ICS, even on a low-end phone. So why are people using ICS? Are there actual advantages that make it worth sacrificing the features I listed? Cheers.
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