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  1. Definitely better sound at lower levels and it's now much louder at the top end. I find about 75% is sufficient now. Great stuff! The only minor issue is that the volume changes don't seem to have changed the call volume levels. I almost always use loud speaker anyway so it's not a big deal. Thanks again.
  2. Fantastic! I've come full circle and come back to CM7 for flash/stability/non-choppy HQ Youtube. The low volume was the only missing piece of the puzzle. I'll install it right away. Cheers!
  3. Yeah, it was H3 (H3ROS), not Elitemovil, I wrote the wrong one down. Seems you're right, it is only the ROMs with Dolby that have decent sound. My daughter has a low-end Blackberry, and the sound volume/quality embarasses my Skate + ColdFusionX (ICS). Such a shame too, it's really smooth. Until someone finds a better way to improve the sound then I'll stick with Atomic. Thanks for the input.
  4. Picked up an Orange Monte Carlo (UK) a few days back and got straight into modding it. On stock, pre-modding, the sound was fine. Not deafening, but plenty loud enough. I then went through the whole rooting business and decided to flash CM 7.2 RC3. Everything went well and I now had 200 more options to play with. Only problem being that the overall sound was lower. First I noticed in a phone call when I had to use the (loud)speaker just so I could (barely) hear the person, then it was the same with the (several different) media and music players. It sounds like the volume is capped at ~50% of the stock level. Yes I could bump it up a bit by using the DSP, but it was still not ideal as that seemed to be artificial and caused some distortion. So I then alternately went through 3 CM-based ROMs (CM 7.2, CM9, Ice Armor 3), and 3 stock-based ones (Skatie, Elitemovil, Atomic). All the CM ROMs have the same crippled volume levels, while the stock-based ones all sound loud and clear. I even went back to the OUK stock ROM and it was fine. Is this to do with something CM changes that causes the volume to dip, or is it just a coincidence? Ideally I'd like to stick on CM9 as it's ICS, but not while the sound is this low. I did try a few volume-increasing apps but they only made it a bit louder (and a bit distorted), still not up to stock levels. Any ideas? Cheers.
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