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  1. Has the update dropped for o2 Moto G (2013) for anyone? I have heard Tesco phones got it. Thing is, I was running Lollipop with CyanogenMod for months but call waiting would never work. I went back to stock 4.3 on o2 and I got an update to 4.4.2, but that's the latest update it'll give me. Not even 4.4.4. I'm wondering if I flash the Tesco build instead so I can get Lollipop, will call waiting still work or is reliant on it being an o2 build? The phone was originally Tesco but it's currently unlocked/rooted and I'm using an o2 sim.

  2. On CM11 nightly builds (and other ROMs that use CM in part) the iPlayer, when starting to watch something, will cut to a green screen, lock up, then reboot the phone.


    If I use the last stable build (from May) then it works fine, but I get issues with dropped calls, callers not being able to hear (or vice versa), or calls ending when the proximity sensor is tripped. Calls are obviously more important than being able to use the iPlayer, but it'd be nice to try to find a workaround for this if possible.


    Can anyone using the CM11 nightlies test the iPlayer to see if they get the same issue?

  3. http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/moto-g-android-4-4-kitkat-rollout-starts-in-uk seems to indicate it is rolling out in the UK now...


    One of many articles that have popped up today stating the same info, worded a little differently.


    I still haven't heard of a single person anywhere in the UK that has confirmed they've got the update yet.



  4. So after a bit of confusion regarding the release, a new post in that XDA thread from a supposed "Google Insider" puts the UK release back to 24th Jan.

    I presume the German OTA (which includes english-UK as a language option) can be flashed in the same method as the US one? With a little tweak to the .bat file ?

    Just for shits & giggles!



    I downloaded the update zip that's linked in the xda thread and copied it to the root of the sdcard, ie where Music/Pictures etc folders are.


    I flashed the latest German Retail ROM from http://sbf.droid-developers.org/phone.php?device=14


    When it rebooted, it detected the update and asked if I wanted to apply it, so I did. Prior to all this, my phone was rooted, network unlocked and had an unlocked bootloader. I don't know which of those are/aren't necessary, but that's what i had.


    I just switched the runtime to ART and rebooted. It took a few minutes for it to optimize all the apps again but it's back working and I haven't noticed any issues at all (yet).

  5. Thanks for the heads up and wish u the best for the unlcok code. Hopefully by Monday:)


    Cheers. That smgreen guy suggested I use the £6.50/3-working-day unlock method. I'm just waiting for him to clear his current backlog and start taking orders on that listing again.

  6. Just so everyone's clear: nothing's changed. You won't see any updates in the UK, that message isn't to us. You can apply the American update with instructions elsewhere in the forum.


    Could you expand a bit on why you think nothing has changed or why we won't see any updates?


    From a thread on XDA it says that the KLB20.9-1.10-1.9 relates to Europe. The US page lists 172.44.4.falcon_umts.Retail.en.US as the build/version id. The update page seems to have only been added yesterday. There is no OTA update available on my phone yet, but it looks like they're at least prepping for it.


    You can apply the American update with instructions elsewhere in the forum. 



    Yes, if your phone is unlocked, and even then some people with handsets from Tesco have reported issues. Also, it needs a wipe, as opposed to just being able to update to 4.4.

  7. I bought the phone from Tesco and bought an bought the unlock code from http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111223239973


     It took about twenty minutes to get the email with the unlock number. I entered it and it worked first time.


    He has been on holiday for 2-3 days but says he'll be back today (2nd). I'll probably just wait a week or two to give the servers time to update and try again.


    I should mention that the other seller issued a prompt refund on both the listings that I tried, ie the base £2 one and the £5 'Tesco-specific' one. Neither worked, but you get a refund anyway so I'd just try the £2 first.

  8. Give it a week and then try and ask the seller if the servers are updated ( since its new years i assume) wait until Jan 5-9th and then try !


    Best of luck!! 


    Cheers. I gave in and transferred to Tesco, although it'll probably not be until the 2nd/3rd until it's completed. I will do as you suggested though and try again in a week or two, then I can switch back to O2.

  9. Let us know what happens. I'm still waiting for a response to my message.

    In smgreens's listing, it shows that the unlocking servers will be offline until the 1st January, so i don't know whether it will be the same with this chap. It might take until Wednesday before anything happens with the codes. :(


    I'm sure they all use the same servers. As soon as I get the code (or don't), I'll leave a message.


    EDIT: I got a reply informing me of a refund for the first listing, then I got another one about half an hour later saying exactly the same thing for the Tesco-specific listing. IMEI rejected again. I'm sorely tempted to just go the PAC route so I can at least start using the phone properly. If it's an issue with waiting for the servers to be updated then it could be weeks, if ever. I'm not going to sit around trying different unlockers every so often on the chance it'll work. I'm going to check out the £20 Tesco route as a last resort.

  10. This one is 'Especially for Tesco Mobile phones' apparently. I've bought a code from this guy already and it didn't work, but i dunno whether this more expensive one made for Tesco phones in particular will work? I sent him a message with my IMEI and am waiting for a response on whether he can get the unlocking code. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=321286689814

    That's the same guy I used earlier. I'll try this listing too. If it fails I'll just get my PAC from O2 and migrate to Tesco.

  11. Are you going to try 'server 2', the 5.50 unlock, or the 20 pound one from Tesco


    I haven't had a response to the reply I sent about an hour ago. There was no mention of a refund or if they offered the alternative server method, but if they do then I'll certainly try it. My sister has one that she bought ~6 weeks ago so I might give that a shot and just swap handsets if it works.


    It's more important I keep the number, not really fussed about the network. From what I've heard they're comparably cheap/reliable to O2 anyway so I might just jump ship and move the number over.

  12. This is strange. I don't understand why people are having problems with the unlock.


    There is nothing to understand. It (whatever the service actually is) works for some and not for others. I ordered my 8GB model on the 27th and it was available to collect today. The main seller was listed as 'on vacation' so I used another instead. 3 hours later and I got a message saying that the IMEI was rejected.

  13. Finally... Huawei sent me the unlock code..and i have test it and managed to unlock my bootloader.. I emailed them thru [email protected] ... you just said it's urgent,,in your email subject,, :)

    I got two replies. They couldn't find the unlock code through the normal method but the customer service email that you gave me did provide me with a working unlock code. Cheers!

  14. I got a Y300 last week that I successfully unlocked/rooted etc but it turned out to be faulty. I returned it to Carphone Warehouse yesterday and they gave me a new one. I sent the IMEI/SN/Product ID as I'd done for the first one. This time they sent a response, listing all the correct details, that said

    Maybe you has submitted the wrong information that we can’t find the corresponding unlock code .

    I have triple-checked the IMEI and Serial number, and I wrote down the Product ID when I typed it in at the time. They all match exactly.

    How am I to get this thing unlocked if even Huawei don't recognise it?

  15. Brand new Y300 from Carphone Warehouse. It was actually a refund-swap for a Lumia 520 that a relative bought but then decided against. Anyway, I ended up getting the Y300 for £50 new and I was glad since I'd been clinging to my ZTE Skate for too long.

    One major problem I didn't notice until I got it home was that there is NO earpiece volume on calls (or any time I assume). Loudspeaker works fine, headphones do too. I tried an app that lets you pipe the audio to different outputs but the earpiece is still nil. On a couple of incoming calls I did hear 1-2 seconds of audio, half a 'Hello', then nothing until I switched to speaker.

    I have the receipt, so it's not a problem to make a return, just a pain. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  16. Well ive had a lil search on google and people have claimed that it can work on armv6 and in the comments sumone had been playin it on a skate and other armv6 devices

    You'll find this with quite a few of these games. You'll also find that they run about ~5fps and/or crash a lot. Getting it to run, and having it play smoothly, are often miles apart.

    We own a low-end ARMv6 device with a single core processor and 512MB of RAM. Forget about any of these COD-type games.

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