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  1. Maybe g330 don't have qcom fm. I don't know what type of FM use. G300 use FM with Bluetooth chip. Greetings.
  2. The defconfig of Dazzozo kernel is this: https://github.com/PAC-U8951/android_device_huawei_u8833/blob/cm-11.0/BoardConfig.mk#L36 But maybe, on Chill kernel use another defconfig. In their kenel if you don't know it, go arch/arm/defconfigs and search for the correct and redefine in boardconfig.
  3. Impossible to solvent this error without a logcat. I use this rom with whatsapp, facebook, and snapchat and for me, 0 reboots.
  4. Are you using correct defconfig of chill kernel? You mod another things than my pac-u8951 sources?
  5. IDK.. Take a logcat but if with cm works (idk if it work with cm), with pac will work.
  6. Mmm.. Delete system/vold folder, sync again and apply patches and build.
  7. This is not related kernel problem. Maybe Vold patch on common device break it or cm's vold is crashed. Try to repo sync and apply again patches.
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