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  1. My best answer to you......always test settings outside. I have no problems with the default settings, but it doesn't work inside.
  2. I solved the problem almost the same way. In activesync i just switched off "allow USB connections" in "connectionsproperties". Then the phone doesn't sync, but it still charges.
  3. My GPS works with the standard setup and without any third party software. When you test your GPS do it OUTSIDE.....never inside.
  4. A solution is to turn the screen off while charging. The phone is by standard while charging set to have the screen on, but without the backlight and it uses to much power.
  5. I have not changed anything from the original setup. The GPS-programport is set to GPD1 The GPS-hardwareport is set to COM9 And in "access" there is a mark in "automatic" (translated from a danish version...sorry if it is not correct) Don't test this INSIDE. You have to be outside to test your GPS.....and be patient.
  6. Don't expect any answers from the users guide. This is my first phone with Windows Mobile Pro and I had a lot of questions about the use after 4 years on a smartphone ....and I did not find answers in the users guide :-D About GPS.... it works fine on my mobile with Garmin and Google Maps without installing any third party software.
  7. I have a Samsung SGH-I780 and it is my first mobile with touchscreen and full qwerty. I prefer to use only the qwerty keyboard, but I miss a tabulator button. It comes in handy when moving from one field to the next. When there is no tabulator and arrows on the keyboard you actualley have to use both keyboard and touchscreen at the same time. Any tricks?
  8. Thanks......I think I need one more power adapter :-D
  9. When connected with the USB the screen is on and ofcourse the background light is turned on when i touch the screen or othervise use the phone while connected. So what you are saying is the my computer might not put out enough power through the USB to charge the battery. Question: Does your phone charge when connected, but while the phone is turned off? Mine does connected to the power adapter....but not when connected with the USB.
  10. That is right. It looks like it is charging, but when it is diconnected there is no juice on the battery.
  11. On my Garmin Mobile SD card it seems to work by renaming folder "2577". After the renaming I have not experienced unwanted start of the program.
  12. I have the same problem with Garmin Mobile XT....it keeps poping up even though the SD have not been out of the phone after the first install from the card.
  13. No...I'm doing it from a desktop PC, where I the last couple of years have sync'ed and charged my HTC phone.
  14. My battery doesn't charge when connected to the PC with the USB cable. Is that standard on this phone? /Christian
  15. Yes...I have no problems. The device is bought through Telia in Denmark and I am using the HTC homescreen.
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