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  1. Links appear to be broken on ICS for zte skate omc peeps.... Any updates?? Kind Regards Dave
  2. and still cant get this darned thing to root So feel the pain and frustration of you guys with the OSD... regards
  3. Well chaps Im sorry to point out the fact that Orange has had 58 staff members commit suicide over the last couple of years down to it "super duper management" (anyone detect a touch of sarcasm there??). they are complete aerosols..... They are short sighted to say the least and totally impervious to anyone's opinion (as has been mentioned earlier in this thread) they miss-sell, con, they make the banking system seem like choirboys!. they sell unlimited texts packages and dont mention delivery reports and when you get the bill ask why you didnt trawl the small print. charge for pac numbers when leaving because you havent followed their customer services direction ......yeah right.... and when i get a faulty phone they argued about who was going to replace it....(bought on paygo and switched to panther 15.50) Paygo sent me a replacement which i gratefully accepted and took the faulty one back to the shop where i bought the original from. he wouldnt accept it and said put it in the envelope provided. I expressed concern that it might be stolen as it was address to orange and obviouslt a phone.... guess what???? they are now trying to charge me for a phone??....Id laugh if they werent so tragic. so ive moved to giffgaff but got to say my wife got a good deal at Tmobile £36 and 2500 mins unlimited download unlimited txt. wonder how long before oranges influence stretches to tmobile as ive heard they are now one and the same.....lol ;-)
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