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  1. WiFi works ok here on FonePad K004 with 3.2.3 update, both on my home WiFi as 4 or 5 WiFis more on work, pubs, stores, ...
  2. Actually AnTuTu -> 9.324 points on FonePad with 3.2.3 update
  3. First: sorry for the automated translation. Don't want to sound rude, but it seems as if we would like our device only for updating, to load a ROM after another ... I've been hooked, i admit it, but I am also "thanking" in some way this current calm, especially because, in my view, what we have is a lot more than what they have the majority of mobile users: Android 4.2.2 , and all other intermediate versions since 3.5 . In addition, different varieties: paranoid, RootBox, etc. , etc. And frankly, my RootBox sounds great to me; i works really well, and the only thing that i would ask would be battery consumption of GB. Now, since 1 month ago, I'm committed to using the telephone, and less to UPDATE IT. I would like to take stop to thank C3C0, Tilal, H3ROS, Tillaz ... in the end, you always forget someone, and it would not be good, because there have been developers that have spent many hours in updates of the Skate, and its subsequent support and help to us, the users. THANKS TO ALL, and enjoy the Skate : -) and if you can, buy another device, of course, but the Skate is still very well! Still i hope to be able to see a new RootBox thanks to C3C0, although I know it has changed your device :-) I hope you're happy with the new, C3C0!
  4. Thank you. What is certain is that i tried two times with inovative 2.3 and a more with version 2.2, for if anything. Always after flash Skatie 1.1 with the corresponding TPT. I'll try again tomorrow and I will comment on the result, but I have my doubts, because i repeated several times. Thanks anyway.
  5. The ROM is really agile. I would like to test it a little more, but I don't operate the WIFI with her ... :-( I have tested the Inovative versions 2.3 and 2.2 and with both i have the same problem: WiFi error. No any other ROM gives me WiFi problems, or GB, or CM7, or CM10 or CM10.1; i have tested many roms and i have no problem with any, but with Inovative ... :-( After retrieving RootBox backup, the WIFI is back to work, and also after retrieving a backup of IceArmor, so the problem seems to be with this ROM (in my terminal, of course, I do not say this is a general problem with the ROM). I suspect that there may be some thing that includes the ROM to manage the external memory. Could you help me, TheMarkOfAce? Thank you very much!
  6. No problems here with RootBox... May be some app causing problems? may be some script for microsd memory management?
  7. Yes, maybe Paranoid features add a drag. I do not argue. What I said in my previous post is that RootBox, as is now in the latest version (march 20) released by C3C0 (thanks, C3C0, again!), is no substantially slower than SlimBean, nor is full of "bloatware" :-) Pac-Man can give a clue as to how to behave RB + PA, but not definitive. Influence other aspects of optimizing code that could lead to a different result. And one more thing: if we compare with some objectivity ROMs, it might be appropriate (I, at least, I do) do so in every case with the same launcher as another factor that can influence our perception of speed user interface. Same Nova, or Holo, by example... In any case, please, C3C0, do not give FORGET RootBox, at least for now :-)
  8. Defending RootBox: -I do not sense that "substantial" difference in speed ... if any, is very small bet. RootBox is slower, in my view, only in terms of camera features, in this section it is clear, in my opinion, but in the other functions of the phone would have to tread carefully to make sure that SlimBean supposed greater speed. -The variety of options make RootBox actually suitable for any user. At least as to the final outcome of your settings. While, yes, such a configuration is necessarily more laborious to have a big range of options, but it is hard work, after spending finely configure the terminal, not be to your liking. -RootBox, to have as much functionality as is, is very well optimized: no speed penalty, nor of space occupied... occupies slightly less /system SlimBean a RootBox one. I've tried both ... and perhaps because RootBox came first, but when I try SlimBean asked: what is it that I did not have RB? and I did not find a clear answer. Not significantly faster or significantly smaller (in MB). Finally, I'm back to RB and since a couple of weeks is my daily ROM. I do not know how it will affect to the behavior of RB the add of Paranoid framework. I'd like to find out for sure, but not for me, but developers who decide to take that step. I actually prefer to opt for polishing RB optimizing performance further, if possible, especially in image functions (camera, video, gallery ...) and adding something that many miss (the fine selection of networks 2G/3G). But of course, I think it's a splendid ROM, with probably the best of several worlds Android, and hopefully continue a fruitful development and no longer supported by the best developers, like we have in this forum. Greetings all, and sorry for this automated translation.
  9. I think that i replaced my PJ1 as daily ROM : -) I already have caught taste to the RootBox and i am now finding it difficult without it. Only I can see some small deficiency (absence of selection 2G, 3G only, 2G+3G, for example, or slow everything related to camera and gallery features), and a greater consumption of battery (with the same configuration, of course), although the difference is not great. In this sense, I think there is something that would be worth trying, in improving the energy consumption of the ROMs, and although I'll post it here in this RootBox thread, I think my point may be applicable to other ROMs: I think that a clear theme, with backgrounds primarily white and black text, could allow to use lower levels of screen brightness while maintaining good readability; I am convinced that the white on black text require more brightness to be sufficiently legible, and this leads to increased battery consumption. I would try a UI "LG type", i.e. backgrounds in pure white and pure black text. And I inquire: is easy to implement this? must change "four things" in configuration files, or else this is put in the code? development capabilities are needed? It is easy to implement? may we expect a "White RootBox" analogue, but opposed, to "Dark RootBox"? Can you all see any disadvantage? Thank you in advance!
  10. Thanks. I go to test it. I like PJ1 much, and too RootBox. but that (RB) spends battery significativly more than PJ1 (with equivalent configuration). I "jumped" PJ2 because RB offers 4.2.2 too, and other goodies, but the battery life with that ROM moves me to test PJ2. Coming from C3C0, i'm sure it's GOOD.
  11. Downloading!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH :) Edit: Download finished ! Thank you again, PlegDroid ;)
  12. :wacko: Download link for ROM broken... :( Has anyone an alternative link for download the last version (06/03/2013) of this PJ2 ROM? Thanks
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