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  1. Works now. Well, by owerwriting I meant, not wipeing /data, dalvik cache and all that stuff. I simply installed zip on top of my current rom without doing any previous setting up (because I was lazy to backup app datas and wanted to avoid that part) @2nd: O, my god....... Well, I never release vol- before CWM loads, but I must have done something wrong this time. I double checked, and pressed HARD, now it loads... Could be that my volume buttons are not that sensitive. What is more, I'm not newbie in this but now I feel the opposite - it was pretty embarrassing for me to ask such a question xd. Thanks anway!
  2. I overwrote my current system and forgot to install gapps, now play store doesn't work. Could it be that CWM is not included, because nothing happens after power+volume is pressed? for some reason I cant get rom manager to work (put it on sdcard and installed) - it crashes on startup.
  3. Uhm, I have a weird problem, however I'm afraid it's hardware of some sort... I've read about camera and sound kind of bugs but mine seems to differ from those. In short, my sound simply gone away all of a sudden. Never had this before, but it occured shortly (2-4 days) after flashing this rom. I have no sound coming from the speaker at all. Although I do hear the type of sound while in a phonecall, but no media sound whatsoever. So I downgraded my rom to a stable CM7, obviously wiped everything in clockwork before that, but still, it seems like my hardware is gone. Any clue? Or could it be a coincidence that would've happened if I hadn't used the ICS rom? In this case I got to take it to the service, although void warranty... Do you think if I revert everything back to original, rom, root state, etc and they could only see the date of the rom installation (which would be a valid t-mobile rom let's say that you can download), then I'd regain warranty? :P thanks in advance!
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