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  1. Hello zeelog and thank you for your work! Hello everyone else :D I dowloaded the font package you linked. What are the appropriate permissions ? (644?) I'de like to add french dictionnaries and azerty keyboard, what files do I need and where to copy them? Should I extract them form the official gapps? My system partition is 220MB (/system), 162MB (/data) and 37,5MB (/cache): is it good or should I chose another TPT ? (I didn't remember to have change the original partitionning not to have this one: I thought i had a 160/.../... TPT )
  2. @ vNa5h: Maybe youre SDcard is corrupted, try CM7 without sd-card. If it works: try with another sd-card, if not: try another sim-card (I already saw a sim-card make a phone unstable). If you don't have any improve: youre phone has a HW problem...
  3. Hello, Konsta, can you .... ? Konstant, could you ... ? Kongstat, how long ... ? Konstat, can you teach me to read??? :P
  4. Translate.google.com =>" Thank you for sharing " Now you know ;) But yes it's annoying ^^
  5. Ok, and could you tell us what changes you made (hacks, improvements, settings) ? Battery life looks good (OC @ 672MHz with smartassV2)
  6. I don't have the sounds menu bug and the default values for the brightnes rules for me, so I don't need the cm7 default settings but I'm not alone :) Maybe you could ask some help... You already made a great work. I think we should all make a summary of what is working or not and show our phone model: I start: Bug(s) = brightness FC and personnal picture on lockscreen Rule(s) = sounds menu (and everything else until I tested now) Blade model = ZTE Blade euopean 512MB (OC to 672MHz) Another idea: Have you tried or could you try to build your ROM from the last nighty bluid?
  7. I have the brightness FC but no FCs when I go in settings => sounds : is there in this menu or with an option? Why are the "Android's version = 4.0.3", the "MOD Version = CyanogenMod-9-20121001(-UNOFFICIAL-blade)" and the "build number = Jelly Bean" if this ROM is CM7 based? No other bug found. Good work man!!!
  8. I've made another bench a now I have better performances (after a dalvik and a cache wipe...). After all, this is only a benchmark... Maybe this is because I use smartassV2. Do you want more test about the FCs with lightning and sound settings or you allread have enough informations? Your ROM runs great! Thank you! Edit: I made a third bench (I closed useless apps like gmaps and a third party camera app )and performances are now better! ^^ I don't realy understand but it's good :D
  9. Hello, I've found a bug : using a personnal picture as lockscreen's background make the lockscreen not working, using none or default works fine. 2D graphics went from 294 to 220 with this ROM (antutu benchmark) but 3D goes to 654 (previously 570 under CM7 20121021 nightly). Thanks from your good work!
  10. Exact, I've just find this. Xperia mini pro: http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_ericsson_xperia_mini_pro-3713.php Xperia X10 mini pro: http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_ericsson_xperia_x10_mini_pro-3147.php ... Sorry for flooding!
  11. Ok xperia x10 mini don't have the same cpu. Sorry for the mistake. But what didn't I understand in the petiton? ( https://developer.qualcomm.com/forum/qdevnet-forums/multimedia-optimization-qdsp/13248#comment-7048 ) Those devices are listed to have the same problem...
  12. Hello! In the sony website, I saw that Xperia mini and mini pro (having the same chipset than the blade) have an official ICS release ( http://www.sonymobil...peria-mini-pro/ ). Do you think Sony made a custom driver or have an openmax driver from qualcomm? What do you think about it? Have anyone better informations about the openmax driver for ARMv6?
  13. Have someone any news about the driver? I think everybody here have already sign the petitions, but I link them if someone did'nt or want to link somewhere else. 1°) http://www.change.org/fr/p%C3%A9titions/arm-release-openmax-codecs-for-arm-v6# 2°) http://www.groubal.com/ics-compatible-openmax-il-compiled-for-armv6-from-qualcomm/#signatures I know that qualcomm devs said they "are looking into the matter for any possible solutions", but maybe the growing number of signing up will motive them... Don't know if it is useful but i hope it will.
  14. Hello all! I 'd first like to thank Tilal and all the team working on the CM9 project even if don't yet use this ROM (i still use CM7 waiting for a full usable cm9 on the blade), but I still follow this thread daily :D So I've follow the links in this post too: Where are listed "the devices affected by this (the driver's) problem" and I saw many Xperias... It made me think about this article http://blogs.sonymobile.com/products/2012/03/30/the-vans-around-the-corner-android-4-0-ice-cream-sandwich-software-upgrade-coming-to-2011-xperia-smartphones-starting-from-mid-april/#more-5044 where it says that "xperia (X10 mini/pro and others) will receive their scoop starting from the end of May/early June" . It makes me hope for a nearly-futur release of the so needed drivers... (not only for Sony...) Have someone any news (good/better) about it?
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