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  1. Are you still convinced you're receiving the item ordered?
  2. Bought Lenovo A830 in June from DealsPrime but haven't yet received my order. Hopefully your order is processed more quickly.
  3. You can easily solve your wakelock problem with this guide. http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1827676 PS. You are not so bad!
  4. Please read post #1. This thread is not a sandbox for noobies. :P
  5. In that case just ignore the ROM and this topic. I personally have as good battery life as in CM7 i.e. 2-3 days with quite normal use. Calls abt. 20-30 mins, data to read and send emails and check my calendar.
  6. Hold your horses. It seems to be your problem, because two of the numerous happy (including me) CM10.1 and s2e users don't have any issues with s2e in this ROM. <_<
  7. Don't even have option for interactiveX governor. <_<
  8. Snappier than ever, but voice recognition to text is not working. However very fine indeed. Thank you KontaT much. :wub:
  9. You should move appdata and dalvik-cache as well to sd-ext. I've no problems with my configuration.
  10. There isn't space enough on your /data partition for appdata. Check your s2e configuration. :)
  11. There's only one thing u've to do. Do some exercise on reading. ;)
  12. ? :unsure: Did you forget to take your medicine "monstertruck"
  13. Thanks Konsta ! 6.1 Rom with excellent performance. :) Antutu gives avg. abt 2500 - 2600 points.
  14. What is the priority for the fix of the FM-problem, because I'll need the radio as daily basis. :(

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