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  1. It was spreading information that was not true, so I stand by my statement. The very reason people keep saying flash won't work on JB is because people keep repeating the same thing. Flash will work, its the Chrome etc browsers that don't support it. Someone said Google removed support, but it was Adobe that did that. Anyway, hopefully its more well known now that you can put flash on JB - we'll move on :)
  2. If "JB doesn't support flash", please tell me why its working on my Nexus 7? Please don't spread untruths. Google never removed flash support from Android. Install flash from adobe.com and then install a browser that supports flash, e.g. Firefox or an old version of DolPHin. http://www.howtogeek.com/120277/how-to-install-flash-on-the-nexus-7-and-other-jelly-bean-devices/
  3. Ok, this one's a bit leftfield, but try sticking a thin strip of sugru down each side.
  4. Read "Step 2 - Updating" on http://www.modaco.com/topic/355583-guide-how-to-install-and-root-ics-403-on-the-g300-b926hspa11/ - sounds like you just need the gapps installed. Grab the zip and flash thru recovery.
  5. How much pressure is "enough to push the screen together"? I can explain because if you 'pinch' your phone front and back it presses together enough to push the LCD up to the glass. It doesn't take a lot of pressure. Just a small amount in the right place. This sentence is ambiguous - its not clear whether you sell waterproof jackets for gore-tex, or sell waterproof jackets for a company who bought them off goer-tex. Anyway - that's all beside the point. You sell gore-tex but couldn't spell it. I know you were giving your opinion. And I disagreed - that means I know I don't have to agree. Thanks for stating two perfectly obvious things.
  6. Random, but try turning off the phone then, while its still off, plug the charger into the micro USB. If I do this on mice, it auto starts and boots in to CWM. Weird quirk, but may help you.
  7. Disagree. Its not moisture. No chance. It's the glass and the lcd being stuck together. Imagine what you see when a sucker is stuck to a window (for example something hanging in a car window) and pulled off - its a similar principle. Aside: I see no yellow outline. Also if you work for GORE-TEX you should find out how to spell the name of your company!
  8. Sorry I can't remember! I think it was a flashable zip. Search the forum cos I got it from here. Dark themes only save battery on AMOLED screens (as each pixel generates the light, if it's black it is not powered). On an LCD screen it doesn't matter as the screen is backlit and the light is either on or off for a given level of brightness.
  9. Ring up the Geek Squad people in Carphone Warehouse and check the cost of repair. I had to replace a screen on another phone and they were the cheapest. Also read this thread http://www.modaco.com/topic/354853-cracked-screen/
  10. If you're on Gingerbread, I vote for Holo Launcher. Apex if you'e on ICS.
  11. P.S. no responsibility accepted by me for any problems this might create. These apps are not system critical so should not cause any problems. Always Nandroid!
  12. If you're running 2.3 on the G300 then the apps are modified Google apps made by Huawei. Your options are either: Copy the apks out of the system/app folder on the G300 (you will need root access). Then install as above (rw-r--r--) on the SanFran. I can't tell you if this will definitely work as they're made by different companies so make a backup of the apps and a Nandroid on the SanFran!! Hopefully the app names on each phone are the same. Otherwise google for the AOSP Gingerbread 2.3 versions of the Contacts and Messaging apps and install on the SanFran. They might be better than the ones on there. Again make a backup (preferably a Nandroid) before messing with system apps. Let me know what happens...
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