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  1. Hi all, Anyone know if this is a trusted site? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/10-Vowney-V5-Clear-Screen-Protector-protective-film-for-Vowney-V5-screen-protector-forVowney-V5-free/1660018029.html I need some screen protectors for my Vowney V5 but they seem to be out of stock, or unavailable, everywhere I look except for the website I posted the link to. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Try another set of headphones .. any will do and see if an icon shows up. The trrs cable is only for headphone sets with a mic. If you get no icon then it could be a hardware problem or an issue with the rom you’re using. If it is hard ware then you could try a wireless Bluetooth headset and see if that works.
  3. Normal headphones should work, but If you're talking about a set of headphones with a microphone then you'll need a trrs cable. Read this: http://www.modaco.com/topic/363772-headset-not-working-right-read-this/ Note: the Turtle beach M5’s I mention, from the link, are down to just under £15.
  4. Wouldn't it be easier to downgrade via cwm using this method: http://www.modaco.com/topic/361310-downgrade-upgrade-from-recovery/#entry2100574 And then flash a GB ROM.
  5. I think we need to be a little more light hearted here, complaining about going off topic in an off topic thread? Lol Mentioning alternatives is how you discuss most things in a forum no matter what the discussion is about. I would encourage others to mention alternative, good value phones, that can be purchased locally so we can compare the value and relevancy of buying a phone from China. Personally I hope the next time I need to buy a phone the Nexus 5 will be closer to £200, that said I’m still interested in phones from China because you get such high specs for such a low cost. I had a quick look and I don’t see any octacore devices yet. Honestly I can’t see how a phone can run any faster than the quadcore I’m running now, but I was hoping to start seeing a large price drop in a lot of qaudcaore phones from China and the UK. Any news on when we will see phones in China with eight cores?
  6. I switched a couple of weeks ago to Ovivo, which uses Vodafone, and I always get H/H+, G very briefly. I live in London so maybe coverage is the issue?
  7. Well I'm on Ovivo now, from Giffgaff, and although Ovivo is sometimes slower than Giffgaff, it's always on H/H+ ..Occasionally I see G but only briefly. This could be because I like in London though. I'm on stock rom.
  8. Hi all, haven’t been around here in a while :) , looks like I’ll have to read back a few pages to catch up a little.. I’ve noticed a lot of new phones in the poll and the Jaiyu G4 has been removed? Did anyone actually receive a G4? That was the phone that got a lot of us interested in Chinese phones.
  9. I got the heads up from yahoo yesterday that their weather app is available for android and I have to say it is awesome. Check it out; it has some really nice animations and widgets. https://play.google....d.weather&hl=en
  10. I’ve seen videos of people replacing smart phone screens on youtube and although it does look tricky it should still be quite doable, however the first thing to do would be to source a new screen for the V5. I couldn’t find any on eBay so I guess the next step would be to find out if any Chinese online retailer would sell you one and if not then find out how much they would charge for replacing it, then factor in shipping and see if it’s actually worth it.
  11. You have select preview to 4:3 ratio and then 8m is available ..also for 1080 video recording you must set the quality to "Fine".
  12. .... you can select 8m with the stock camera app. ====================================================== If you’re looking for an over the ear headset then check out the Turtle Beach M5. The inline mic is really good and Chrystal clear and the sound is awesome for the price. The ear pads are covered in a breathable cloth so you never get sweaty ears, like you do with the leather or imitation leather covered headphones. Also they are super light and can be worn for hours without any pressure pain on ears from prolonged use and you get a gold plated TRRS cable adaptor in the box. The only con I can think of is that they do leak sound, so if you have the volume turned up too loud then people sitting next to you might hear what you’re listening to. Prices can fluctuate quite a lot, I got mine from Amazon for £14, and last week they were at £16 and now they seem to be up to over £18 so you might want to monitor the price to make sure you get the best deal. Well check out some Youtube videos if you’re interested but I have to say I really like them. http://www.amazon.co...turtle beach m5
  13. Anyone got any apps or purchased any accessories for their V5 that they think others would be interested in then please post them here. Here’s one that I think is a must for the V5; Paragon exFAT, NTFS & HFS+, what this does is allow you to mount NTFS USB devices to your phone via otg. While Fat 32 drives will work perfectly anything formatted to NTFS will produce a damaged usb storage error. However this app solves this issue perfectly and you don’t have to do anything except install it and then give it root access, so you will need to be rooted. I have tried other apps that are supposed to do the same thing but this is only that worked. Here’s a pic of an NTFS formatted 500gb hard drive connected to my V5: Edit: If you start getting random messages saying “Paragon has been granted super user permission” then Force Stop the app and then just run the app before you connect to an NTFS hard drive.
  14. This might be of some interest to someone: I attatched my Freecom 1tb external hadrdrive to my V5 and it worked perfectly. I could play videos, music, move files ect.. My other SATA hardrive I have in a Caddy didn't work though..
  15. This doesn't sound right, maybe it was recovering the apps. Whenever I move phones I always just install my apps from the play store one by one as I need them ... and to be honest I have never really had great success backing up my apps and then recovering them as some apps never work quite right.
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