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  1. Well its always ends with a sigh of relief to find that your phone is back in working condition. Theres always a way around even factory faults since the ZTE Skate is currently unbrickable. Thanks a lot for all the links and advice posted it replaces fustration and anger with peace and satisfaction. This saves paying the phone man to fix it and worth giving a donation to: http://ceco.sk.eu.org for all the support given to the android community. I must admit i still have not found the time to install the custom rom but should do so by next week this time and will let yall know how it went. It seems very risky to root your phone but in the long run is safer for your apps, data storage, and recovery. All in all thanks C3C0 your a star.
  2. thanks for replying C3CO i now feel the confidence to do something that may potentially harm my phone due to my lack of experience
  3. to anyone who had this problem before, posted it and got totally ignored heres what i had to do. 1.so i pressed the up volume key, home button and power button without my sd or sim card in. 2. scroll down to factory reset pressed the back button it then rebotted to its new state and fully turned on. 3. I then turned it back off replaced sd and sim card and it worked. Beware i had to reinstall all my apps from the android market but that was easy since all apps are saved under my account any way. All my text messages since they where saved directly to my phone was lost as well but thats fine i'm at peace now. :excl: ATTENTION TO ALL ZTE SKATE (OMC) ROOT EXPERTS :ninja: Im now looking forward to root my phone so i will always have the system recovery option. I would really appreciate if someone did a step-by-step tutorial on you tube and once you've done it let me know ASAP . Theres one already there but that has bricked some peoples phone and may not be effective for someone like me who dont know much about roms, software, clockworkmod, zip, unzip, paste image to sd card, tpt, you know what i'm talking about. so i hope to inspire you to do it i know theres a step by step guide on here but we need a step by step video guide. BE INSPIRED :angry: you've got it in you :D thanks a lot guys. help4help.
  4. any answer will do

  5. why is no one helping me :(

  6. Well i upgraded my SD card yesterday from a 2gb to a 8gb. safely transfered all the data and even save the back up on the 2gb just in case it didnt work. every thing was fabulous until i decided to charge my phone. when i removed it from charging for some reason it was switched off, atempt turning it on but its stuck on the orange logo loop. removed the sdcard same thing. switched to the 2gb sd card same thing. turn it off removed, battery sd scard, sim card and connect via usb same time. did the usb connection, turned on phone holding down volume key and power button it says FTM but no further options. My phone has never been rooted, and i really need your step by step help on how to revive it to life. Thanks a lot
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