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  1. Update - been away from a decent web interface (proper computer and keyboard...) for a few days. while away, the phone showed the update was ready to install. So, battery fully charged, it loaded after about 20 minutes. Initial observations difficult to judge, but it generally seems a bit smoother in operation. Good luck to the rest who are still waiting.
  2. Hi Wayne, thanks, but I've tried that already. The no command screen gave me a fright, but then it went as you say. Took a while to get my apps back the way I want (except for one news feed that I'd deliberately not updated, bummer.) but it's still on 4.2.2 and says it's up to date. Oh well. I'll see if it tries again over the next few days.
  3. Long time no post, since I ditched the San Diego for a Nexus 4. Wahoo! However... like Wayne 877, I go the update message a couple of days ago, but it failed to complete the download/install. Kept getting the fail message So I've done a factory reset, and now it just tells me it's up to date. With 4.2.2, oh no it isn't. Sorry chaps, but I just don't want to go down the root route, I had enough heart-stopping moments with the OSD. So, just a simple question - has anyone got any experience/comments on the OTA update on an unrooted N4? Thanks in advance.
  4. On Orange website today at £79.99 plus £10 top up. Site also has special offer splash on front page, 20% off PAYG until 20th. But the link doesn't open. There were posts a few weeks back about ordering online, collecting from shops, and cancelling 'cos of delivery delay. The refunds were only the cost of the phone, not the topup. GRRRR.. Nice surprise today, opened my credit card statement to see not one, but TWO £10 refunds. I'll never say a bad word about orange again... not today anyway. PS. After coming close to throwing my SD at the wall in frustration over the ever-worsening power button, I managed to order a Nexus 4 when their window was open and it came in five days. What a beautiful piece of kit. For those who went from a San Francisco to a San Diego, this is a similar leap in the "love that phone" stakes. And it's already been upgraded to JB 4.2.2. My love affair with the SD is over. And Ricky, so sorry to read of the failure of yours. Good luck with whatever you get to replace it.
  5. Got my update message around 4pm this afternoon. Done by 5.
  6. Last night playstore was still predicting mid -Feb delivery. :( Got email this morning saying it was with DHL. Got home to find it had been delivered. :)
  7. Did that come by email or did you have to login to Google store to check any update details?
  8. Thanks Dio-Genes (nice name!) jeddy1 - so, what changed your mind after two weeks? Other than some guy saying it was poor? What was poor about it?
  9. It's easy to get off. Just go round the edge gradually. There are the usual very small clips that are found round all removeable backs. There's also some of what seems like double sided sticky tape/pads that hold it on. They'll release their grip as you slowly remove it. No need to renew these.
  10. Just wandered over here from the Orange San Diego posts. I was looking at the Google Nexus 4 in a couple of shops yesterday, (they have "LG" on the back) together with the Galaxy III. The N4 certainly seemed to be faster than the GIII, and nicer to handle, and I'm very tempted by it. Those of you who've actually got one and been using it for a while, what DON'T you like about it? IF I do go for it, I'd prefer to keep it stock. In the case of the OSD, rooting and applying ICS is essential to get the most out of that phone. Is there a great deal to gain in applying the mods described elsewhere in the forum for the N4? Thanks.
  11. Evening all! No, I'm not fooling myself that the others will be any better, but I've just had enough of Orange over the past year or so. Think I'll give someone else a chance to mess me about! :)
  12. I ordered one online to be collected from local store, and cancelled before it got to the store (if one ever actually got into the system). Got my £99 back on my credit card account within a week, but not the £10. Ripoff, and yet another reason to leave Orange when contract finishes. Can anyone else remember when it was a good company to do business with? My memory is fading fast.
  13. I meant the one on the flux capacitor... my De Lorean won't work.
  14. LOL With broken power button or without?
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