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  1. rosco-85

    Nexus 4 OTA upgrade 4.3 issues

    Cheers EddyOS!
  2. rosco-85

    Nexus 4 OTA upgrade 4.3 issues

    I'm having issues with both signal lose and excessive battery drain, since the update. How do I get hold of the full package to flash that, rather than doing the OTA?
  3. rosco-85

    Best UK phone £300 or less?

    I actually get 2 days out of my Nexus 4 with reasonably heavy usage, and probably 4+ with light use. I'd say the battery life is very decent, you just need to configure it right.
  4. The response I got: Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting Huawei device. We has retailed your needs to our correlative department. And there will have expert to help you with your needs in three working days. Please wait a period of time. Once again thank you for contacting Huawei device. Best Regards. Huawei Device Customer Care Team.
  5. No sign of mine yet... Dispatched on Wednesday last week.
  6. This method worked perfectly on my previous ZTE, but I'm not sure whether I want to attempt it on this Phone... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1886460
  7. I've just done the same as AndyMac. Hopefully it works! Hi, Could I please have the Bootloader unlock code for my handset? The model I have is not listed on your official page. My details are as follows: Model: Huawei U8951N-1 IMEI: *** S/N: *** Product ID: *** I have also attached an image displaying the same information. Regards, Ross
  8. I can confirm that the exact model number for the UK Vodafone model is: Huawei U8951N-1
  9. I thought the model number of the G510 was U8951? It's not even listed in their list of models... At least that's what it says on GSM Arena. I'm just wondering if it's maybe a bit too new to be on their list yet? http://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_ascend_g510_u8951-5250.php
  10. The Spanish guy in this topic seems to thing you can flash G510-200 ROM's without any issue on the G510-100. He even said he had been flashing G510 ROM's on a Y300. http://www.modaco.com/topic/362179-g510-needs-same-attention-g300-had/page__hl__+g510#entry2117810
  11. So the answer is 'yes' we can flash the International ROM for G510-200 on the Huawei Download Centre, even though our UK model is G510-100?
  12. Thanks for the quick response. I took a chance and ordered one anyway. Figured it's only £4 so can't really go wrong. I noticed on the Huawei website they've now got a 'General Version' of the Firmware. That kind of sealed the deal for me with getting the G510, plus the unlock code is less than £4 also.
  13. Hi Andy, How long did delivery take from Spain for the Gel case? Were you please with the quality? I've just ordered my G510 from Vodafone today.

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