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  1. Thanks Michael, very good tip off. Think I'll get one as I really like my official case, but end up taking it out of the case to Skype etc. Cheers and thanks for letting us know. Will.
  2. Thanks for the tip philos64. I'll take a look at that.
  3. Hey there. Thanks for the reply. That's very good to know. I'll just get the case I wanted and see how I get on. Cheers. Will.
  4. Hi there, Loving the forum and my 3g Nexus 7. Only problem I'm having is finding a case that's compatible with the 3g model. I wanted the Poetic Slimline Portfolio case, but Poetic have told me it's not compatible with the 3g nexus 7 as the microphones are in different positions to the standard Nexus 7! They also have no plans to make a 3g compatible version. I was wondering if anyone has found a portfolio style case that is compatible with the 3g model? If not is there a cheap case like the Poetic one (portfolio style but cheaper) that I could modify myself while we wait for official 3g cases to be available? Many thanks for your help and advice. Will.
  5. Hi guys, I have a small but irritating issue, which I wondered if anyone could help with. My (stock ROM) G300 sometimes stops syncing with Gmail and all Google services. There is no sign of this other than a lack of emails. The only way to get it syncing again is to do a restart of the phone. It's not just Gmail that stops syncing - Google play stops updating my apps and Google+ stops syncing. Sometimes it will be fine for days, then randomly it stops syncing again until I restart - just turning off and on doesn't get it syncing again. I'm on stock B892 ROM. Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers Will.
  6. Thanks Hogweed, I thought that might end up being the answer. Just been playing around with a few alternative music players. Quite like Poweramp - seems to work well. There is a free stock Android player that at least plays in the right order! No EQ or anything fancy, but does play in track order. Shame we don't get Google Play Music here in the UK.... Will
  7. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone had found a way to make the stock music player play by track number not alphabetically?? It's doesn't seem to see track# tags at all and ignores the track number on the start of file names??? I'd be really interested to hear what anyone else has experienced. I've just spent the last two nights fiddling with it but no joy. Cheers Will
  8. MY BAD! REALLY SORRY GUYS. IT WAS B892. SOZ! :unsure:
  9. Hi there, I just checked my "Online Upgrade" in "About Phone" and ICS is there ready to be downloaded! I have a few questions though before I hi the download button! Will ICS slow my G300 down??? Is the G300 powerful enough to work well with ICS? Can I easily return my phone to the Gingerbread setup I have now if I don't like the official ICS? I need to be able to watch Flash video on my phone. I've read that Flash 11.2 works fine with ICS. Is this true? My phone is rooted at the moment. Will I need to re-root after OTA ICS update? Do I do it in the same way as before? Finally, has anyone else tried the official OTA ICS Vodafone update??? What's it like??? Any help or advice for any of the above greatly received. I really like my phone as it is and only want to do this if it will make it even better! Cheers Will MY BAD! REALLY SORRY GUYS. IT WAS B892. SOZ!
  10. Hi there, Just thought I'd post to say my G300 arrived. Really really pleased with it so far. Interestingly mine came with B885 already on it and was locked to Vodafone. B885 seems good. I like the stock ROM. Is this the best one for me? If I remove all Voda crap will this be as FAST as any other ROM??? Or would I be better off with B888? What do people think is smoothest as a stock ROM? B885 is great, but if there is anything smoother/faster (888?) then I'd be interested in giving it a go. Do you think Huawei will release B885 in the UK officially at any point??? Cheers Will
  11. The phone has arrived! Great service from Vodafone I have to say. The phone is locked - boooo. Getting unlock code now. All seems good so far. Messed up putting the screen protector on it, but have ordered some more. Only question now is which ROM to go for...??? Might but it out there as a general question. Cheers for all the help. Will
  12. Got it! Cheers for all the help - and sorry for all the silly questions. I'm sure I'll be back with more! Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the tip - tried it, still no download....? Is there anyother link?
  14. Tried that. I just get "Not Downloading. Try Again?" when I actually try to download it? Where on the Huawei site can I get it from? I've looked but can't see it anywhere???
  15. Hi Guys, Can anyone help - the B888 ROM downloads appear not to work any more.....??? Tried all the ones from the B888 thread and none download now. Does anyone have the stock official Huawei B888 ROM??? Where could I get it from now??? Can some one post it up somewhere? Cheers Will
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