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  1. mausfing

    Phone gets unstable

    Yes on all ROMs but on 4.3.1 doesent...
  2. mausfing

    Phone gets unstable

    The same problem here. I was replaced the SIM card two times but the same problem is still...
  3. So sad, but same problem here.Using cwm
  4. Hi! I'm thinking abut to update my G300 from 2.3.6 to 4.2.1 but how is the camera/video quality? Is the video resulution still 800x480? And what about the pictures? ( because mine making bad photos) If someone has samples please mail for me [email protected] photos and video samples are welcome! THX Sorry for my bad english! :)
  5. Runnig on 1228 Mhz, and its stable! :-) THX!
  6. mausfing

    B927 - My Experience.

    Please, tell me more about camera. Do you have 720p video recording, and what about blury pictures? ( because in GB almost every picture is blury for me, and for my friends too...) THX
  7. Hi! I want to hear more about camera. Is it take better photos, and is there a HD (720p) video recording? THX
  8. mausfing

    Notification bar

    Ok. Now I'm using GR2 Custom ROM. For a while I will live without these things. .... :-( I really hope, someone can make a patch in the future, for that ( via CWM ) :-) THY guys! :-)
  9. mausfing

    Notification bar

    Can you provide that vendor/update app? Because I have one, but the file size is 540b. Downloaded the original nonbranded b888 update.
  10. mausfing

    Notification bar

    Under Display Settings I only have : -Brightness -Auto-rotate screen -Animation -Screen timeout
  11. I updated my Huawei Ascend G300 from 885 to 888, and since then disapeared the quick networking (or whatever) settings from the notifications bar. But as a widget I can place on the homescreen. How to get back in the right place. Sorry for my english :-)

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