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    Thanks that gives me hope. The people at skype say it wont work on our phones, ie they cant be bothered
  2. Just a quick question. Does Skype work on the ZTE Crescent. I had an error with it not loading, You cannot be signed in at this time. Please try again later. Any one else have this or is skype ok? I am on a rooted stock rom Thanks
  3. Well now I am free to play about with the stock rom :)
  4. Thank you Dazzozo and AmbushReality for the help for rooting my stock rom
  5. A guide would be brilliant if you could put one together for us. Thanks
  6. Installed rl9 today. Camera flash does not seem to work (known issue) and gallery does not sync with the picassa saves. 20/6/12 Gallery syncing now...
  7. Ok tried other roms and no keyboard problems, but BT issues. A reinstall of FnC cives me the same issue with the keyboard and what seems to be delayed dialling
  8. Thanks for this. I installed it and all works ( not tried blu tooth yet ) Bt all garbled
  9. Hi all I got my Orange SFii last week. I followed this help guide http://sanfranciscoandroid.co.uk/android/how-to-debrand-install-a-custom-rom-android-4-0-from-scratch-on-the-orange-san-francisco-ii-zte-crescent/ to do the unlock and debrand. I used the Fish and Chips Rom Release three, as of the link. All worked ok with it except that when typing it would not put the text in the text field, but it would she the key had been pressed, and the dictionary field would come up with suggestions. Also would not type in browser. I went back to the stock rom as per the link with the kernel . With that I have the following issues: The phone wont stay switched off and the gallery app fails (process com.cooliris.media) has stopped unexpectedly I went back to the Fish and chips Rls 7. The typing issue was still there and the phone was not rooted, when I tried to calibrate the battery and use Titanium, so I have again gone back to the stock roms above Do I always need to install the kernel as I see not many have it as part of the install? It also seems to remove the Clockworkmod Thanks
  10. The keyboard issue had on version 3 too I have not denied access to any of those apps, Thanks
  11. Hi all, I have an SF2 that I unlocked and flashed with fish n chips release 7. I ran into a few problems with it. 1: Typing problems ; A lot of times when trying to type messages or url, nothing gets types into the text box. i do get the the letters popping up showing what I have typed and a dictionary of sorts ( mainly names etc) but nothing in the text field. 2: Blue Tooth; I can pair to my head set but not automatically, I have to manually connect 3: Rooting; What is the secret to rooting this phone? superuser is installed but when trying to use a battery calibrator or Titanium I get told I dont have root. How do I get root? ATM i have gone back to a stock rom and kernel Thanks

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