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  1. Thx for your reply. Antutu is not of any importance to me but the fact that it does not work while it did on previous roms means that either some changes made by google with 4.4.x keep it from working or something is broken in this rom.
  2. Tried to run Antutu 3.4 benchmark because my phone has always been very unstable and usually crashes on 3D test but on this rom Antutu closes from the menu even before I can start the benchmark. Apart from crashing during 3D test Antutu always ran well on all other roms I tried (2.3.7-4.3). Can anyone reproduce this? Is the 3D benchmark stable for you? (afaik v3.4 is the latest version for arm6 devices. Get it via google by searching antutu 3.4 apk) Apart from that the roms looks very nice. I didn't discover any problems during a short test. Thanks very much to everybody contributing!
  3. Tried to set up the build environment but my hard disk only got 19GB of free space spread on four partitions. Therefore intended to get an old external HD back to work but after 10 hours of fixing bad sectors the Western Digital Diagnostics Tool indicated it would take another 1000 hours so i aborted it thus not even meeting the free hard disk space requirements to compile the rom on my own :/ Is anyone of you guys willing to give it a shot not only for the Blade III but for the Blade as well? You know that the Blade has always had a huge community and many people would be very thankful.
  4. Please, przemvelbenny! Have patience... ;( (apart from that i promise you that your life won't be any different with KitKat than it is right now. So worry about more important things)
  5. huibuhh


    Hadn't read that before. Well, it sucks. I wondered before if those people just totally lack good manners or if they really believe to be entitled to require KonstaT to work for their device as if he was regularly paid for it. On they other hand there are lots of people (like me) who at least show a little bit of appreciation by clicking the +1 button whenever KonstaT come up with something new as his 2000+ 'likes' show. But they all have now been penetrated by a hand full of trolls. That makes me sad. Let's hope KonstaT can preserve the joy in his hobby and if he feels emboldened to continue his work on the blades that would be a great present. For the nice guys in here as well as for the trolls ;)
  6. huibuhh


    Just read in another thread that KonstaT wrote on Nov 01 he would do Kitkat (at least for Blade V) but that it is months away. So either it is quite complicated (again) or he got private matters. Guess we just got to be patient :)
  7. huibuhh


    Surely he can stop developing whenever he wants to but after such a long time in the blade's community a short goodbye -post wouldn't be too uncommon so that everybody 'officially' knows that development has stopped and has a thread where he can thank KonstaT for all the time he spend improving our device. So KonstaT if you read this and you really - for any reason whatsoever - stopped development I just want to say that your work has always been very much appreciated.
  8. Thx, love to be up to date. One tiny question: any idea why trebuchet.apk exploded in size? It's like 12 times bigger than in KonstaT's last build.
  9. So i either have the camera widget in the lockscreen (don't really want that) or my camera won't work? No workaround till a new release with those merged commits?
  10. Erstmal ein dickes Dankeschön an dich, Daemond. Fühlt sich gut an, dass das Blade nun komplett ist :) Apart from my german greetings to daemond: I can't find the setting to trigger camera shutter with volume keys. It was present in CM9. Is it not present in CM10 or do I just not find it?
  11. You do know that you have to turn blades' visibility on in bluetooth settings after activating bluetooth itself, don't ya?
  12. Something new from today: In the course of a session I switched WLAN on and off several times. Suddenly when trying to switch it on again it failed to connect. Had a look at the notification bar where the WLAN icon was activated. As it did not show up in the status bar I opened settings where WLAN switch was greyed out (darker than bluetooth switch, see screenshot). I clicked on WLAN where it said "WLAN is being deactivated" but for some reason it failed to do so and i had to restart the phone to get WLAN working again. Not a severe problem but as we are hunting down bugs...
  13. To me it seems that wlan won't reconnect after hot reboot. Does fine after normal reboot. Already had this the last time i tried CM10 about a month ago.
  14. I remember someone made a patch to prevent graphical glitches when playing videos with 'uncommon' resolution. Is this included? Don't find it in changelogs. @Prendy: link works for me
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