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  1. Anyone know a way of getting a Vanilla mastercard in Australia?
  2. Hi, i had patched google wallet v4 working, confirmed by buying a slushie at 7/11 :) (SGS3 running CM9 in Australia) however, i had to reload cm9 because some core features (sms/mms) were not working, but i didn't know to reset google wallet data before doing this! (first android phone). Now on the new rom, my wallet gets stuck on activating account, while on the version where it was working ( made sure to back up this one incase) it gets stuck on Initializing. If i could past Initializing on the old version, i could reset it and that would hopefully fix the problem on the working cm9 rom, anyone have any ideas on how to get past Initializing?
  3. I am also stuck at "Activating account" on the s3, goes on for afew minutes then tells me google wallet has stopped
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