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  1. Sir, please help  .

  2. does Memo save the data onto the sdcard? can you see any Memo related directories when connecting the phone to your laptop using USB?
  3. gsf600y

    screen problems

    Person I know has had the same problem for 3 Hudl's now. They have given up and got a refund. Poor quality from Tesco, whether it's software or hardware.
  4. gsf600y

    screen problems

    I also know someone who has the problem down the left hand side. As mentioned, turn screen off and on again temporarily fixes the issue, so I wonder if this is a software or hardware bug? If it was software, you'd expect many more people to have it. Maybe it is a hardware/firmware bug and turning screen off/on reinitialises something.....
  5. Who knows what did it :) Anyway, the 3rd one has arrived from Amazon now so I'll see what happens with that!! :D And, both of the ones from Amazon have had a broken seal on the box, underneath a red seal. I suspect it's where Vodafone slip their SIM card in, but they could at least explain that on a bit of paper or something. Thanks for the input though everyone :)
  6. Ok, can we delete this whole thread and pretend it never happened? :D Tried again, and it's just started working. No idea why, I didn't change anything between now and the last time......
  7. Tweakker didn't work, but I used 3 website to transmit the APN settings, which I then applied. So now have the 3 APN setup. Still doesn't connect however. Has the unlock I did only partially worked? Is there some Vodafone software on the phone preventing the data network access to non-vodafone networks?
  8. Yeah, I understand your point, but I've flashed my g300 a dozen times, and never set up APNs. There can't be anything special about my phone surely. I did try the Three app already, thinking the would be an option to add the APN configuration in, but if there was I couldn't find it. Trying Tweakker app now....
  9. OK, some more strange facts: I did a factory reset earlier, and it made no difference I put the supplied Vodafone SIM into the new g300, and booted it up. It then said something along the lines of "detected the vodafone sim", then rebooted, wiped data partition amongst other things, and restarted the phone. The About page then showed the network type as EDGE and it connected to EDGE ok, and also the mobile number changed to "unknown". So I thought I'd try the Three SIM again, but same results as previous....bizarre mobile number and no connection. Huff. Am I missing something trying to get this phone "unlocked" from vodafone? I just followed the post in the forum to get a code and applied it. My original g300 working fine with Three SIM. No APN's defined. New g300 can't get data connection at all. No APN's defined. Only difference is my original g300 I've flashed with CM9 and had it unlocked in the Vodafone store, new G300 running stock ICS and unlocked via posted method in this forum.
  10. Yep, no apns listed at all, as I type this on 3g connection (on my existing G300 that is)
  11. That's the odd thing - my existing G300 has absolutely no APN settings in. I don't think you need to add them for the Three network, and proof of that is that I don't have any on the existing G300. I think what I've had delivered from Amazon is a used G300, packaged as brand new. It explains why there were two seals on the box. Top one was new, and the seal underneath was broken. Also explains why a strange phone number is already on the About Phone display. I checked, and the number is neither my number, or the supplied PAYG SIM number, so must have been a previous owner number. Very naughty of Amazon. Been on to their customer service and had a good complain - they're sending out another, and giving me a £3 voucher, which wont even cover the cost of the unlock code I'll have to buy again :(
  12. (sorry for the barrage of posts :D ) Also, might be worth noting the unlock code I obtained (via the post in this forum), worked first time, no problem. Just put the number in, and done.
  13. oh, just noticed in "about phone" status that "My phone number" appears to be the supplied vodafone PAYG SIM one, that I've never used. Do Vodafone somehow preset the number on the phone? Also in the status display it says "mobile network state" is "disconnected", which is what I already know. Network is "3", which like I said is working to make phone calls. Mobile network type is HSDPA:9
  14. I'm confused. I've got a new g300, which I've now unlocked. I can put my Three SIM in and make calls. I can't get connected to the data network though, and I can't work out why. I've turned off wifi,and turned on the data. No connection. I've go into the Network Operator menu option to select available network and tried both the "Select Automatically" option, and also the "Hutchinson 3G UK Ltd 3G" option. Still no connection. I've got no APN's defined, but this is exactly the same as my other G300, and if I put the SIM in that one, no problems at all, strong 3G signal. Anyone got any ideas? :wacko:
  15. Just got a new g300 from Amazon UK. It's running ICS. Android version 4.0.3 baseband 2030, kernel version 3.0.8-perf-00248, build number U8815v100r001c02B960 Just awaiting the unlock code coming through so it can be used with non-vodafone SIMs. This phone is for my mother, so I don't want to meddle with it too much, in the interests of simplicity/reliability :) But I do want to get rid of all the crap apps, Facebook, and Vodafone branding. What's the best way to do this? I assume it will need a new ROM flashing, but if that is the case, which one would be best to do? Thanks for any advice :)

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