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  1. there is much free rom space so i bound the sys-dalvik in the rom and it works now pretty smooth :D
  2. good work! :D usb tethering is important for me cause i dont have wlan adapter :D
  3. todays update is fine now is everything good readable^^ but usb-tethering doesnt work any more for me
  4. awesome! is there a way to make icons and font bigger? they´re so small :D
  5. had a problem with slideIT with this rom ^^ so the keyboard stops to appear when i click on any input area :( is this a cause of the rom or application compabilities to ics ? hadn´t this problem on 2.3.5 version
  6. thanks for the nice new build :) was surprised to see the new boot animation looks really funny :D
  7. have a look at the battery stat :D love that round thing :D
  8. here is the image in html file with black background :o https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/image.html?w=3472d7ef
  9. hi there its me again :D so i´ve downloaded black infinitum theme and installed it with cwm :) but had 16 apps more after that and the other problem is.. .i don´t know how to choose the theme :blush:
  10. had same problem^^ But with the kernel of C3CO it worked ;) (with 06.05 build from goo.im) here is the thread http://www.modaco.com/topic/353434-kernel-s3-for-cyanogenmod-roms/page__hl__%20kernel but i have some other problems^^ so my problem were the languages so i´ve installed the rom, it was in english (couldnt change this :o ) and when i install apps they´re of course in german (the country where i live) and some help sites are still in chinese :o so is there any help needed with translations or have i just to wait for some more releases and it´s chooseable than like on "clear" android roms? :D
  11. Works fine on CFX (31.05) and overclocking is working too :)
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