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  1. Adyx00

    UK Retail Upgrade on rooted phone

    Still not working for me even with Philz Touch Recovery. Edit: Just checked and the downloaded file in the cache is Blur_Version.174.44.9.falcon_umts.Retail.en.GB. Can anyone confirm that's correct?
  2. I have 475MB free and it still boot looped. No way I'd bother with a fresh install just for this though.
  3. Adyx00


    Rom Toolbox Pro has a theme manager. It's fairly basic in functionality though so I don't know if it will do what you want. I never really bothered with it myself.
  4. Adyx00


    Vodafone Ireland are saying official OTA release on Friday. Only 3 weeks after it passed testing with Vodafone. :angry:
  5. In ES File Explorer, go into Settings, scroll down to the very end and tick Root Explorer and Mount File System. Then you'll be able to edit your build.prop and save the changes. You can do this any time or undo it if you wish. If you edit your build.prop, it's no harm to make a backup first too. Edit: Cyda beat me to it. :D
  6. The Beta feels "faster" to me, haven't encountered any bugs yet and battery seems very good. Is Nova Launcher generally considered faster than say Apex Launcher? I had been using that on stock B926 and the previous Infusion roms. Nova seems more responsive. As an aside, a user on another forum reported hearing from a source that Vodafone Ireland plan to release a B893 GB rom next week as a precursor to an ICS rom later this month. Apparently B893 requires B886 to upgrade from (this was the rom released on VF Ireland phones) and is a maintenance release to allow the ICS upgrade. Off topic I know but hardly worth starting a thread over.
  7. I'm having the exact same problem also with a completely clean install. By the way, thanks tillaz for your work on this!
  8. I've had problems with Minimotor Racing too since updating to ics. In my case, pressing buttons on the left of the screen in the menus usually causes the wrong thing to happen as if the screen needed to be calibrated. In the game itself is fine. I did email the devs but all they said was they'd have a look and try to incorporate a fix in the next update. I've had no issues with GTA3 on gb or ics.
  9. Adyx00

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    I'm having the same problem with Paul's Ir1 rom although I have mine set to internal storage. It'll just randomly change to external. My build.prop is also set to internal. It's not too frequent but it causes problems with a few apps like Swiftkey which stores it's langauges on the sd card. The Swiftkey error is usually my first clue that it's changed again.
  10. Was B886 not the last official rom? That's what my phone came with...
  11. Out of interest, would it be possible to use the vendor update.app from B927 with the B926 or Paul's Ir1 rom? I know B926 came with it's own but I had quite a lot of difficulty getting rid of the Chinese stuff.
  12. Found it. It was this post in the Gr2 thread and the post below it by Paul that led me to think it was necessary. I might have taken it up wrong though.
  13. Really? I was sure someone posted that you did. Ah well it only took a couple of extra minutes.

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