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  1. I have great battery life on this rom. And I'm talking about one extra day of use when compared to previous roms. Seriously, this is very big surprise.
  2. @commander_keen My keyboard was also laggy. Turning off pop-up, sound and vibration on key press helped. I also turned off sugestions, auto correction, gesture typing and all the the rest i dont use. I also dont have any problems with scrolling or laggy response. My settings are 122/604 MHz, SIO scheduler, disabled memory compression. Sometimes it's getting laggy, like after week or two after last restart. But then i just restart device and it works like charm. Unlike you i did format system partition before flashing. btw you just made me want to find and play one of commander keen games :)
  3. Thats the kind of answer i was hoping for :). Thanks.
  4. I am about to buy blade 3 but i heard that battery life is bad. Currently i own old Blade. I would like to ask blade 3 users who had blade 1 before, how is the battery life? Is it any better compared to old blade?
  5. I'm just reporting that I have the same problem, so you know that you are not alone ;). On my phone it happens once for a few days so it doesnt bother me much. Right now im using cm7 kang from archana but it happened before, back when i had regular cm7. Please report back when you find a solution.
  6. This rom is so f****** sweeeeeeet! ICS on Blade LOL, my friend will be sooo pissed :D
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