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  1. I'll try it...i'm downloading... :) EDIT: It boot (whit nice bootanimation...xD)...now i'll try it a bit...:)
  2. Thanks for the guide! Tomorrow if I'll have time, i'll try it.
  3. Hi youpi666 and good luck with your new phone! :) Thanks for your work!
  4. In my liquid A1 I set to 6-8-16-32-64-96 ...but not with this rom, I use cm7.2...
  5. I also flash rom, gapps and beats audio without rebooting...I have 30% swappiness with a swap partition of 256mb and no overclock, the rom works VERY well...
  6. you have a swap partition? I have an A1 and I don't have any problem...
  7. That's strange...try to reflash on stock rom...:)
  8. Yes, I mean SDMAN. :) . I don't like link2sd...>_<...SDMAN like A2SD is more immediate for me. Everytime I've used link2sd I had a lot of problem. xD
  9. why you want to use link2sd? You can simply che app on sd in the lnp menù in settings.
  10. Try a cam software like Camera FV-5 Lite or other. There are a lot of app on google play. I use camera fv-5 and I don't have focus problem. :)
  11. I make a video of this bootanimation on my Liquid. So people can see before put this in them device. :)
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