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  1. I'll try it...i'm downloading... :) EDIT: It boot (whit nice bootanimation...xD)...now i'll try it a bit...:)
  2. Thanks for the guide! Tomorrow if I'll have time, i'll try it.
  3. Hi youpi666 and good luck with your new phone! :) Thanks for your work!
  4. In my liquid A1 I set to 6-8-16-32-64-96 ...but not with this rom, I use cm7.2...
  5. I also flash rom, gapps and beats audio without rebooting...I have 30% swappiness with a swap partition of 256mb and no overclock, the rom works VERY well...
  6. you have a swap partition? I have an A1 and I don't have any problem...
  7. That's strange...try to reflash on stock rom...:)
  8. Yes, I mean SDMAN. :) . I don't like link2sd...>_<...SDMAN like A2SD is more immediate for me. Everytime I've used link2sd I had a lot of problem. xD
  9. why you want to use link2sd? You can simply che app on sd in the lnp menù in settings.
  10. Try a cam software like Camera FV-5 Lite or other. There are a lot of app on google play. I use camera fv-5 and I don't have focus problem. :)
  11. I make a video of this bootanimation on my Liquid. So people can see before put this in them device. :)
  12. This is true! Froyo based rom drains less battery...He can also try the MIUI 1.3.5 or the fear's work...:)
  13. You can try the MIUI 1.3.5, i think is the best MIUI froyo based...
  14. search on google play the app "battery calibration". This program delete a file called batterystats.bin and generate another one clean, after do this your battery life is increased...
  15. CM7.2 in ok and also the MIUI Final V2...you can also calibrate the battery after the flash of the new rom...
  16. Hi guys! I've found and installed this on CM7.2 ...so, I have the power of the CM with the beauty of the MIUI! :D This is the official miui launcher, it also support MIUI themes and lockscreen! http://www.mediafire.com/?bt734cizdmlihkb
  17. I'll try it! thanks again! :)
  18. I'm just doing these things... :P Tomorrow i think to install lndark from brgi, because i need a rom with low battery drain from the summer...:-) There is a way to have the miui interface, like the miui status bar, on a rom based on cm? :-) Thanks. :-)
  19. Hi guys! I'm using MIUI 2.3.7c by Phoenix and I love it! Battery drain is normal, but how can I increase it? Sorry for my english... :P
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