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  1. I see... and it looks like it was a one time thing only - there were no versions in between 49 and 55, as they abandoned all ICS based roms, so I highly doubt there will be any more after this one probably a lot has changed in the meantime, and my instructions would be outdated - so I'll just simply port this one too as my farewell gift to you all
  2. no scripts are currently running (by mistake), so it's perfectly fine as it is now - but if you ever wish to enable proper init.d support, you'll need my patch (if you enable it any other way, with some app for example, the problematic scripts will then start to cause trouble) if you don't know what init.d is, or why you would need it - then you don't need it after all (and the rom is still great without it) this rom and super-slim-v1 are both based on slim-v7 by jsevi83, the differences are mostly just cosmetic - and they all run pretty much the same
  3. did you flash the latest patch (3c), and did you not mess with it yourself as you clearly intended in a couple of posts back (or used any custom init.d scripts)? also, over on another thread you mentioned that your battery needs replacement - are you still using the same one, and did you try this rom without the patch at all? works flawlessly for me as well - forgot myself when trying out angry birds epic, played for hours and without any slowdowns (on ics it starts lagging more and more, as the revealed map gets bigger)
  4. ...ahhh, ok, my last post here - that credit thing was meant as a jab, added a smiley now to clarify and not one of those scripts are yours (we all use other people's stuff, no shame in that as long as we leave the proper credits in the header), and the 3 problematic ones are from adrenaline engine, and now you're being obtuse on purpose, ffs
  5. sorry, didn't check the framework.jar at all, assumed it was just the usual theming and power menu stuff - but you are right, will uncross loading spinners (no, wasn't aware how they worked before) and scrolling cache (sorry again, assumed you meant the scrolling responsiveness tweak from the adrenaline engine script) though didn't find anything noticeable enough concerning ram and battery (except stats) - but what i did notice is you shamelessly removing credits for that android zombie art... tsk, tsk :P what peeved me so, and started all of this (and caused me to doubt all your other modifications), is the best advice I have for all new to modding: do not just blindly rely on "optimization" and "performance" scripts (the likes of V6 super charger, kick ass kernelizer, adrenaline engine, pure...) as they are usually custom tailored for a specific phone or rom - most of the tweaks generally work on any android, but just enough of them are so specific as to cause problems on others, and all of them have certain drawbacks, which not everyone is willing to accept... so, best case scenario - no matter how extensively you tested them (or didn't at all in this case), always offer them as addons no need to add anything to the OP, everything works as is - anybody searching the thread specifically for init.d will find my Patch3c, so as not to confuse others needlessly as you rightly say again, don't take it so personally
  6. no, those were just duplicates (they ran twice, but are otherwise harmless) left there as Patch3b didn't actually delete any files (Patch3c does), but the problematic ones were: S70darky_zipalign, S98system_tweak, sqlite_optimize and if you are using Link2SD (not Link2Int) you may probably also need this one as well: "11link2sd"
  7. furthermore, just to clear up some other things - this is actually based on jsevi83's slim-v7 rom, which already had: Built on Gingerbread B895 Stock Deodexed, Busyboxed, rooted Ouch Kernel v1.0 to which you added (crossed over things that do not actually work without init.d): sqllite_optimize zipaligned as standard Completely overhauled UI, Minimal CyanBread SpringSteel font Screenshot & Reboot to Recovery in power menu Latest Google apps built in, stripped other apps that'll be available in flashable form Stock AOSP apps such as: Mms Launcher Browser Calender Calculator Camera Music & Video Few others Many performance fixes and enhancements such as: Fixed laggy loading spinners Scrolling smoothness improved a lot RAM use is more efficient Less background battery drain Better screen clarity - Bravia Engine™ Modified DSP Manager - newer and better audio libs Adblocking hosts file - Use adaway to keep it p to date Latest superuser binaries and SuperSU application More technical background stuff you probably dont care about Lots of fun stuff too such as: Built in overclocking tool, header to access it is in settings similar to CM. CyanogenMod 11 ringtones, notification tones and alarms KitKat UI tones such as camera shutter etc. New easteregg, probably the best feature (bein' sarcastic here) CM statistics, mainly for me. I'd just like to know how many people use my ROMs :P for which we all thank you, appreciate it, and respect your work - but don't get all defensive when someone points out a problem, everybody makes mistakes (and i am first one to admit it when that happens to me)
  8. yes, the rom functions completely fine and it has no performance/feature/stability issues whatsoever, just use it as is - you are perfectly right about that but it's like that just because none of your scripts are actually running as it is missing proper init.d support - so people who want to use Link2Int for example, tweaks of their own, or anything else that depends on it CAN'T is it clear enough now? the catch is that when your scripts are actually running, there are problems - that is what I am fixing (among other less important things) are we cool?
  9. reposted here from PM, so it might help others: pOcHa: hey there, don't want to provoke anybody else at that thread - but you had the same airplane mode problem as me, right? well mine is fixed, and just to be clear - you either flashed B1 + Patch1 + Patch2 + (my)Patch3b, or just B2 + (my)Patch3b? and this is actually my third version of the patch - there was 3, then 3a, and now 3b... if you ever flashed the first one, you need to manually delete the "/system/etc/install-recovery.sh" file and tell me what files you have now in "/system/etc/init.d" folder (or you can try deleting them all and rebooting to make sure it's not something else - but remember to set the permissions if you copy them back afterwards) TiMi79: Yes I had the same problem, and restart is needed for network to appear. I've installed this rom long ago, and it was B2, and when you made Pach3a i flashed him, and deleted "istall-recovery.sh", and when I saw that you make patch 3b I also flashed him (that was few hours ago). I only have some "install-recovery.sh.ori" in system/etc (plus bunch of others). In system/etc/init.d folder I have: 00initdcheck, 00test, 01banner, 08setperm, 09uncapfps, 10tweaks, 11link2sd, 90userinit, S70darky_zipalign, S98system_tweak, sqlite_optimize, and all of them are "rwxrwxrwx" "owner 0:root" "group 2000:shell" Is it safe to delete them all? But also I've flashed "Link2Int-v1.1-CWM.zip" from cyda after I've flashed yours pach3a, and I have bunch of apps in 2gb internal sd. And also I have change the baseband from ICS to GB for overclock. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it :) pOcHa: my bad, the Patch3b didn't actually delete those problematic scripts (forgot to use recursive delete), so they are still there mixed with my own - sorry, here's a proper one: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/db3f42d61f/Patch3c.zip another thing, I see that you deleted "/system/etc/install-recovery.sh" after flashing Link2Int (it creates a new one, or modifies the existing one and backups it as "install-recovery.sh.ori") - you need to flash it again after my Patch3c above, or it won't work any longer (and don't mess with "/system/etc/install-recovery.sh" anymore) now all your problems will be fixed EDIT: not all versions of Link2Int use "install-recovery.sh", but reflash it again after my patch just the same, as it deletes another needed file ("/system/etc/init.d/90userinit"), and Link2SD needs "/system/etc/init.d/11link2sd"
  10. I'm sorry if it came out a bit harsh - but hey, you are a kid after all, and those scripts were a real mess, so no need to take it so personally... I merely offered a constructive criticism (not just dismissively pointing out, but actually helping to fix the problem), but if you can't take it - sorry again and don't worry, I won't hijack your thread any more, I just wanted to share with others what I did for myself I overreacted, but it was a beginners mistake (something I didn't expect from kyan31) - and it's clearly explained why, so did you try it at all with the last version of my patch (3b), or are you just ungratefully trolling now (after I tried to help you even)? no, you can't do that - you need both the system folder and the boot.img, but if you just copy them the files will be left without proper permissions (they won't run at all), and if you even have to ask me about META-INF, then don't mess with it at all, or you're likely end up bootlooping or even softbricking - simply flash the patch right after the rom as instructed
  11. ok, so it was after all kyan31's init.d scripts that were causing your invalid sim and my airplane mode problems - they contain clearly untested tweaks (who knows what else they break, it's a classic script kiddie mess), as they were never even running before my patch i updated my patch to remove them all, and add instead a couple of my own (tested in previous roms, and safe to use in this one as well): http://www.solidfiles.com/d/3fa1343d6c/Patch3b.zip
  12. are you maybe using pin/puk locking? if so, then change this lines "ro.config.hwft_PinPukUnlockscr=false" and "ro.config.hw_lockscreen=false" to true in "/system/build.prop" file (sorry, left over from trying to disable the default gingerbread lockscreen) if not, then try deleting all files from the "/system/etc/init.d" folder and rebooting only problem I had was with the airplane mode - after enabling it, the phone must be rebooted to disable it properly
  13. yes, updated my "Patch3a" post to make it clearer - but here it goes again, just in case: flash it over B1 after Patch1 and Patch2, or directly over B2 (which already contains Patch1 and Patch2)
  14. well, it was a simple repack up until baidu stopped officially supporting our phone somewhere around versions 19-22 (cant now remember which one exactly) and after that there were some sporadic third party ports from the C8812 (which has nearly identical hardware), but they where not of the same quality as before, so then I myself started porting directly from the C8812 as well (which still had official support - must have been a chinese variant of our phone) but now even C8812 isn't officially supported anymore - so there is no longer a source to port from, and I highly doubt that there is another phone on this list that has equivalent hardware and is still officially supported: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=zh-CN&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fbbs.rom.baidu.com%2Fdownload.php&edit-text= and I tried doing a JellyBean version of baidu once, but found out that getting the drivers right required too much trial and error for my limited time - so porting from a completely different hardware is out of the question anyway, I'm selling my phone, so the point is completely moot now, just as well...
  15. small update, see post above for the new link btw, the last version of TWRP that is safe to use with this rom is v2.6.3.0 - do not use any newer (not even the v2.6.3.1)
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