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  1. In the end I decided to install it, and so did their wipes at the end I added the GAPPS, started this great ROM and rebooted, I experienced no problems with the Wi-Fi. Everything is incredibly fluid surprisingly, goes really well, I did not expect it to be x3 times better than any current ICS ROM!
  2. In terms of speed, is really fluid? someone has a AnTuTu scores? Thanks Dazzozo!
  3. http://www.4shared.com/get/eANZyLX-/ICS-403201206070051.html
  4. Yes, has it all. However, U8815 is not official. (Just switched on by U8815 U8818 build.prop, but going really well) Remember to have 4.0.3 installed ICS officer, if not, will have trouble running this rom. ps. sorry for my BAD english :'(
  5. Welcome! This ROM based in B926 (ICS 4.0.3 OFFICIAL) Ago need to install it before UPDATE.APP (ICS official 4.0.3) to use this ROM, ESO, goodbye to the dile tu phone! NOTICE: Installed by Recovery (CWM), the requirements are to have B926 (ICS OFFICIAL) already installed, have unlocked the recovery (and have it with CWM) and you're ... again root http://www.mediafire...v9a6xmvz1ut832a ----------------------------------------------------------------- INFORMATION -In default Spanish. (Google has a Setup, you can change language) -Google App's installed. (MARKET, ETC.) -Removed all Chinese applications. (except: Hispace, Aj. Cloud +) -Based on ICS B926-4.0.3 -Is a cooked ROM and is installed from CWM. -Do not forget to rootearlo again. (required if you want rootearlo, needless desbloquearle the bootloader) -ICS-unlock screen by default. -Version "U8815" (meaning it does not say it's a U8818!) -Version-100% 100 stable, is perfect and very fast. -CREDITS: Tillaz for helping her out of Update.app IMAGES DOWNLOAD http://www.4shared.com/zip/eANZyLX-/ICS-403201206070051.html?
  6. Please respond, I would get ready for tomorrow ICS. (I'm so anxious to prove stable)
  7. Wow, thanks, I like .. I will be attentive
  8. Any way to download 4.0.3 in ZIP B926 ICS? to modify applications and more. For now I only know a Update.app B926
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