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  1. Found that ZTE's official selling page too. It's still not bad offer to get that device to Finland with 50€ (especially compared to Gigantti). My main goal is just to play a bit with that device, I don't even know for what I am buying this device. :D I personally cannot recommend any Huawei devices to anyone, my friend had one, four visits at repair isn't nice at all... BTW, that's even maybe a stupid question, but I have Desire Z now. Would it be bad idea try to port Lollipop to that device? Desires developing section in xda is pretty dead nowadays. I'd like to port Lollipop, but I would need some help with it. :) I've tried to set up build environment for several times, with Blade, but I've always been stuck with compiling. :(
  2. I started being intrested in this phone. Where did you KonstaT get your Open C? I took a look to Ebay, but there are too much alternatives. Could you throw me a link? Were there any difficulties in delivering the phone to Finland? :O BTW: How well does adreno 302 perform on our phone? I mean, compared to adreno 205 or 305...
  3. Shouldnt you think before posting? You are the troll here :P. I was just answering for question...
  4. Think a bit guys.... Smartphones are not computers, even if you would manage to replace cpu, the new would just burn out whole mobo. Why do you even think that smartphone have socket :P. These system are embedded...
  5. 1. Power off animation is just laggy, it hasnt worked well after cm10 2.Our device is just slow and 5 year old, so everything just cant happen like with high-end devices 3. Try to "throw" up to statusbar, that has worked with nova before, so it might help :o?
  6. This rom is for advanced users, not for daily use ;). Kitkat is so early in developement stage that you cant wait fully working rom, especially with Blade, which is four year old and has the crappiest hardware which has ever been avaible.
  7. Thats for LG L7, not for Blade III. I am too lazy now to check does these phones have same chipset... and even with same chipset, we are stuck with old kernel.
  8. Only cm10 and maybe cm9 were able to connect to adhoc networks. Propably that feature will never work in this rom...
  9. Thanks :). I really am at the point to decide which phone I would use: Nokia N900 or Blade :P. You really have made something I wouldnt never believe, that Blade will run newest android smoother than it has ran JB-roms :). Especially scrolling and browser are very smooth. We also shoud have better situation with ram, than before with JB.
  10. It seems that I cant turn on wifi tether. It just hangs and hangs... is there some trick for that?
  11. This rom seems to be really smooth, I have never felt my blade so quick and fresh :). Really thanks Zee, appreciate your work... You seem to take Konstas place here :).
  12. Damn, never could believe that I will see my old trusty Blade runnin Kitkat! Never.... :) Do we have some improvements to smoothness or something, compared to JB roms?
  13. Maybe use Android inbuilt tether function??? No need to make new thread of everything...
  14. Hold on! Never connect anything on wrong place. You can i.e give it overvoltage with some battery, not with mobo... You just would break your board :D. Overvoltage is pretty easy to brick something inside phone, easily and without they see it on the warranty disk. In repair, the repair guys will see it, but they cant know whatd caused that. Just say for the servicer that your phone died when you plugged it onto wall charger.(You have heard pirate iPhone chargers? They can break iPhones by giving too high voltage.) And be careful, unfortunately your phone can evenblow if you keep it connected to high voltage battery too long time... :P
  15. Nah, just say that the phone just died on your hands :P. One more, even known problem is Blade III battery. It seems that battery slot is slightly too big and the battery sometimes disconnects from power connectors in the phones case=reboot. I have experienced this much, and solved it with piece of paper between phone and battery... Maybe you could somehow try to make the phone "unstable" with that, by making battery slot even "bigger". But that will cause damage, what can even shop assistants see when you walk in and say that your phone is suffering about random reboots :D. Then, maybe the most reliable trick is flash stock rom, and root it. Then in example go to /system directory and delete something that references to wifi. But do not delete anything critical which could make the phone not to boot etc. After wifi doesnt turn on you can unroot the phone and carry it to shop :). I have carried mine old, Blade I to warranty once, and they gave me new phone, I had phoblems connecting to wifi networks, with stock roms. It was time when I had no idea what smartphone or custom roms are.
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