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  1. Aguess, while Google announced Android 4.4 KitKat -version, "slimmer" for even 512 mb ram phones, we'll soon see KonstaT's KitKat too : ) http://developer.android.com/about/versions/kitkat.html http://source.android.com/source/downloading.html
  2. Thanx & Kiitos Konsta. Very good update this 11oct rom; works smoother and even more stable than previous 24sep rom. x.x.1 Android seems to have many bugs fixed. If someone had that keyboard problem, that it won't show fully in landscape mode, it works ok now with this new version. Link2sd works very well with this.
  3. That TPT Gen1-to-Gen2-TPT-v10f.zip is already good for this rom. It has 180 mb system partition and that is well enough. So you don't neet to modify it for this rom, if you don't have other needs. Seems that your try to upgrade TPT has failed. Try again with that mentioned tpt only. - - - Or download TPT from here http://amphoras.co.uk/index.php/downloads/blade-tpts that G1-G2 v10f It has 180 mb system, that works with this discussion's rom. Delete image-folder from SD-card and then unzip that TPT zip file to SD-card - it makes image-folder theren. Then start your Blade for TPT upgrade with holding volume and menu buttons down and push power button ... Or to use TPT Helper app from Play-market and download proper TPT with it and to install it.
  4. Btw, is this http://www.modaco.com/topic/360986-devrom289-firefox-os-b2g/ only supported by ZTE Blade III and newer hardware, or maybe ZTE Blade too?
  5. Great work KonstaT, again. I thank You too. - - - My Blade, updated with this rom has worked already few days at least as good as that previous CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2) version. - - - If one wants to test this KonstaT's CyanogenMod 10.2 (Android 4.3) ROM, is 180 mb system partition TPT enough, or should one right away reserve more system space, like 190 or 200 mb, for future space needs?
  6. If only we could get Cyanogenmod 10.2 (Android 4.3) version http://www.modaco.com/topic/364042-devrom149-cyanogenmod-102-android-43/ http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Blade_Info so Android with better performance optimization than in 4.2.2 Then we'll see the CM-future http://www.cyanogenmod.org/blog/a_new_chapter
  7. I have used several days this 15th Jan build rom and none of such problems, no lack, no freeze, no reboots - sharp blade slides like a charm now. What Blade-version you have? what gen? ... https://play.google...._from_developer p.s. in your modaco-account settings, edit profile settings / signature information of your Blade present "status".
  8. Is S2E somehow better than link2sd from Play market, that installs well and works with this rom too, for to move some non system apps to sd, on 2nd partition on sd. https://play.google....om.buak.Link2SD So does S2E work somehow better? Those utils need second primary partition on sd for to use it as extra internal memory for non-system apps, preferably formated with ext2/3/4 (depends on custom android rom, if it supports those). If one has windows-pc and has sd in Blade with just one fat(32)-formatted partition, and can connect Blade with usb-cable to pc, then with this free partition manager one can easily shrink that one partition on sd (so to resize it smaller for to free some space) and create second primary extN-formatted partion on sd. Notice that the 2nd partition needs to be primary partition too, not extended partition. http://download.cnet...4-10863346.html With that program just right-click that one partition on sd and select resize and make it smaller (surely to free up some 256 or 512 mb is enough). Then right click sd and create new, second partition - format it ext2/3/4, depending on your custom rom support. At the end remember to clik Apply-icon at the top, that finally does the changes on sd. Then use s2e or link2sd or else as they guide and move non-system apps to sd 2nd partion. I have been very satisfied with this Konsta&Gangs rom - no severe problems. I used cm9 before and this works at least as good already. Great work keeping Blades well alive and still kicking : D
  9. Look in apps, Voice Search app is included with this rom, it works and does the same. And make sure that mobile data connection is on, while that voice recognition uses google's webservers.
  10. Custom tpt from here works very good with this rom too, 160mb system and 2mb cache, and has well enough free memory for apps, 295mb; so if european 512mb gen1/2 blade. Just notice, when u can use that. And remember to clear cache when installing rom, or u surely otherwise face some problems.
  11. I too managed to enable bluetooth headset and data-connection with windows-pc, with this rom. So just great and thanx a lot! I think that new quick settings panel is partly not as good as same settings in old power settings widget. Mobile network mode and mobile data mode are not showed so good as earlier, and wifi mode is not as good either. Operator name would be better to be with mobile network mode -tile - and "mobile data" -name under mobile data mode -icon. Two-direction arrows would be best icon for mobile date, with those data connection type letters. It looks as little unclear, with some of tiles, what is the right tile and whether they are on/off, when one toggles them and showing off -state is different within icons. For example in sound-tile there is line across icon, when sound is off, but with other icons they are grayed or show else way off -state. That would be better to be coherent - maybe that line across icon showing off-state with all icons would be best. Very nice that torch function and that profile change -icon are included in quick settings panel. In comparison quick settings panel vs power settings widget implementations in this pic: UPDATE 13rd jan: With this rom you can use both above settings, that new quick settings panel and older power widgets. You can enable old cyanogenmod-style power widgets in notification area settings (system / notification drawer). You can use both at same time too - then swiping at middle of notification area shows that old power settings widget and swipe at left of right edge of notification area shows that that new quick settings panel. My personal view is that in that quick settings panel settings-tile could lead right away to the settings of quick settings panel in settings (right screen below). Now it leads to main level of settings (left screen below)
  12. You can visit in China with Blade, buy prepaid mobile data there and utilize your Blade, Google Translate, voice recognition and voice speak ... to speak china, or finnish (Konsta's language) Works great! (if only not background voice when voice recognition ;)
  13. Do you mean to increase the whole area, that it takes or the points that it has? Number of those points you can increase in Security lock screen settings. I personally think that that area size it takes is well big enough. I have quite normal size fingers. Maybe that smaller size is aimed to hide more the pattern to be seen on screen of fingerprints.
  14. I noticed some mess of number buttons in screen locking with pin on this. Those number butons go little over each others. Here's pic My personal view is that in this cm10.1, in notification area those new tiles in quick settings panel are little unclear in showing, whether the certain setting is on of off (for example whether wifi or bluetooth is on of off) - compared to that old style in cm9 (but that is more a matter of this newer android than with this rom). Overall seems to be quicker than cm9 was and works good.
  15. Ok, thanx. So my blade was already gen2 but that gen1->gen2 tpt seemed to work still. And I managed to install this cm10.1 with those gapps too, and seems to work well, so thanx to Konsta etc : )
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