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  1. Hi, Is there any way to install Portuguese dictionary on the cm keyboard? It has some language choices, but not the one I need... Thanks!
  2. Nice! Testing the kernel right now, seems to work fine, except for the know camera issues! Keep up the good work!
  3. This is only necessary for sms with special characters to work on Portuguese Vodafone since ur sending them from UK network, I think you will be okay!
  4. Use ROM toolbox to edit build.prop, Find the ro.config.smsCoding_National line, and change the value from 0 to 3. Here is the list of possible values: 0:Unknown; 1:Turkish; 2:Spanish; 3:Portuguese But I don´t think anybody else has this problem..
  5. I think the menu unlocker will allow you to skip the lock screen.. not sure tough..
  6. Yes, I used Toolbox but the sound is still there... :blink: earlier today I have noticed too in the camera hdr, but no result... there is also a line for a SrS equalizer..
  7. Don´t know why but it doesn´t works for me.. and yes, i´ve rebooted
  8. Solved with : ro.config.smsCoding_National=3 :)
  9. After much more testing, detected that it has to do with special characters like punctuation á é í ó ú , ã õ , ç , normal characters used for Portuguese... can´t understand why sms containing those letters won´t send.
  10. did a factory reset on recovery, solved.. not solved... something fishy here... <_<
  11. yeah, I know, just want to see what they will do.. I have no clue how to solve this..
  12. I was using Swift keyboard 3, switched to original and it was OK again! :o Edit: false alarm, it just says sms are being delivered when they are not.. after many test sms,with different keyboard and sms sizes some are sent others are not.. very strange...
  13. Hi, lately (since ICS) some of my sms aren´t being delivered, they stay "sending" forever, when I reboot the phone it says that it couldn´t sent them. Now they say right away that it cannot be sent.. In details it only says error 1. it only happens to big sms, 1 page low characters ones are sending OK , and mms works good as well... Do you have any idea what this stands for? Already reported it to Vodafone.. Is there any advanced configuration for sms in ICS? tried *#*#4636#*#* but the options in there doesn't help
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