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  1. So my phone turned up out of the blue this morning. I was out at the time otherwise I may have refused delivery. Seeing as I wasn't charged any import fees I decided to give it a go. First mild panic when I tried to insert my sim, only to realise that it's a micro sim slot. Luckily I had a sim cutter to hand and was able to use that. I have a couple of potential issues with the phone, so far coverage on Three seems to be worse with this than with my G300, but I am in an area with poor signal so will have to see how this goes. I also don't seem to be able to set-up a google account properly. Play is installed and it lets me install apps like gmail and maps, but I don't seem to have an overall account that syncs my contacts etc... I've heard that downloading a googleframework.apk file can help with this but when I go to install it asks me if I want to replace the one I already have, and I'm not sure if I want to do that. Anyone have any ideas? I will post a size comparison with the G300 shortly. Edit: Sorted, I went back to a French forum I'd noticed a lot of I-20 discussion on, and someone linked to an XDA Exynos4 root exploit which works on this phone too. That let me install Titanium Backup and from there I could restore old system apps from my G300 like google contacts sync. All working much better now. Some pics:
  2. I looked at fastcardtech initially but chose not to use them as their website seems sketchy. They list phones for order that have literally just been announced so I suspect they operate in a similar way to antelife. They also don't appear to accept paypal even though they state they do on the site (I tried to order the I-20 from them but the checkout didn't allow paypal). Uredeal seemed better but they are also advertising the N2 as in stock on the front page, but the comments on the product page clearly show that it isn't. There seems to be a general dishonesty with Chinese retailers about the fact that many of them are either drop-shipping, or don't have a proper supply-chain with the manufacturers and they encourage orders without any idea of whether they can fill them. I'm actually considering holding on to my money and waiting for the Nexus 4 to become available from google again. Reliable brand name phone at a great price (but massively in demand because of it).
  3. Just thought I'd post an update, had to file a PayPal claim today to try and get my money back. Antelife.com have been completely ignoring my emails since the initial order confirmation. From what I can gather they have no stock but are still claiming on the product page that they do (posting pictures etc...). Can only advise to avoid ordering from that site. I'm sure the claim will be resolved but I'm now unsure where to look at ordering from next. Seems to me that any site not listing stock levels can't be trusted. Would be interested to hear what sites others have used and had a good experience.
  4. No delivery time given. As I've ordered a few things from Chinese retailers like DealExtreme, I've learned to just go with the flow. Most of them don't actually hold stock when they say they do and it can take days for them to process an order. I've had deliveries take anything from a few days to over a month. I did look at aliexpress but the lack of PayPal stopped me. I only have a debit card and so wanted the ability to dispute the purchase if anything goes wrong. The aliexpress escrow service sounds good but I had read on another site that their payment protection isn't as good as PayPal's (apparently they are just as likely to side with a seller over a buyer).
  5. I've ordered the Freelander I-20 from antelife.com, it's expected stock on 20/12/12 so I'm hoping it's dispatched shortly (although it seems Chinese retailers are often in no hurry). Will probably post a review when I get it as there's next to no information about it online.
  6. From what I've been able to gather online, it really does seem to be the same phone, just branded differently. Perhaps they are made in the same factory? I saw a youtube video that showed in the software phone info that it was even displaying itself as a Newman N2. I'm seriously considering it, just not sure whether I really need to drop £70 extra for quad core over the dual core Umi X1. The G300 at £100 was a good price for the spec, just not sure about dropping twice that on a replacement, even if it is GS3 level specced. Edit: OK, from a translated French forum it sounds like the Freelander could be an international export version of the N2. Apparently it ships with a much larger number of languages, whereas the N2 is English and Chinese only.
  7. Tempting, Galaxy S3 specs for £170, only £40 more than the Umi X1 although the price is set to rise after the pre-order stage it appears. Edit: Can't find this for anywhere near £150 at the moment. Fastcardtech had a pre-order price of £170 but orders appear to be suspended now until they get any stock. I've seen another site (uredeal) listing for £209 but not a lot else. I have seen another phone called the Freelander I-20 which has identical looks and spec, so it appears to be a Newman knock-off but I can't be sure. Sites have stock but dubious about buying.
  8. It's a matter of personal preference. I am used to charging my phone every night if neccessary and I can also charge via a USB port at work if I need to top-up, so extra battery capacity at the expense of size doesn't interest me. I have also heard that newer X1s are shipping with a higher capacity battery anyway. As this is a G300 forum, I think posting comparison pics would be very useful.
  9. I'm thinking of getting the Umi X1 as the G3 seems a bit thick in the photos I've seen. Can you post a side-on comparison photo with a G300 to give an idea of dimensions?
  10. I think Huawei need to avoid doing what HTC did at all costs. My last phone was an HTC Hero, flagship phone when I first got it, they dropped it like a hot potato within months. They were an OEM manufacturer that had ambitions to become a 'brand' like Samsung and Apple, but they flooded the market with an endless array of models without building up a proper back-end and support infrastructure. Look at them now, struggling to compete with Samsung and Apple and a share price at a 12 month low. I can see Huawei doing the exact same thing if they aren't careful.
  11. I like the look of the G3, might have to give one of those a go in the new year. Don't think I would buy another Huawei phone.
  12. Does it have the MIUI toggles in the notification dropdown? If so can you take a screenshot? I love the MIUI interface but the other rom was just too slow.
  13. Did anyone else get an update notification today? I had a message in Chinese asking to update, but I chose no as I didn't know whether it would work or not.
  14. I obviously need to spend more time reading the OP :-) I'd assumed it was a port of the S3 rom. It's still the fastest rom I've used on the G300 though. Youtube fix also worked for me.
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