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  1. It's not working in my HTC Universal with T-Mobile UK ROM image :-( anybody managed to run it in HTC Universal, how?
  2. www.msmobiles.com

    VIPN WM5 Smartphone

    Please note that ORIGINAL source of this story is the website of manufacturer here: http://www.vipn.ch ... where one can also find more photos of this phone. It is good practice to give link to original source of the story (Engadget was not the first who noticed it, Neowin and David Ciccone were first).
  3. www.msmobiles.com

    T-Mobile to shake up UK Mobile Data market?

    no, then it's not flat rate. Flat rate = no limits at all. I have true flat rate for UMTS in Germany and I used sometimes, when I was travelling a lot in given month, even 4 GB a month and I always get the same bill (= total lack of any limits). Keep in mind: true flat rate has no "acceptable usage" or "fair usage". If such clause is present in the agreement then it isn ot true flat rate but a scam. Obviously I would love to see flat rate for UMTS/EDGE/GPRS also in UK... but we must be careful not to fall for tricks of operators.
  4. www.msmobiles.com

    Should MoDaCo encompass non phone Pocket PCs?

    Absolutely Modaco should cover all topics that are Windows Mobile oriented, also about non-phone Pocket PCs. For example: in case of msmobiles.com the focus is on 3 topics only: mobile phones, mobile phones and mobile phones ... and things that are not phone speicfic are rare, but it would be bad practice to take example from msmobiles, that is by defintion fanatical about mobile phones.... for reasons that I I dare not reveal here... Anyway, if you need additional argument to start covering all Windows Mobile things: nowadays any Pocket PC can have or already has Wi-Fi. And with Wi-Fi and Skype it becomes phone. So by covering non-phone Pocket PCs you would cover also phones. Conclusion: yeah, go for it! Go for it big time! BTW. I wish Modaco could be stronger also USA-wise... maybe Modaco USA staff is needed? Dunno. I feel it could be good. Anyway: this is another fairytale...
  5. www.msmobiles.com

    MoDaCo Summer Event 2005 C550 theft - SOLVED!

    These days changing and faking IP address and identity is easy - so any banning will not help much. Pity that theft is overshadowing this whole event - :?: I hoped to see reports from this event with photos of video calling :idea: with HTC Universal and not theft hunting... One last tip: main principle in thief catching is not to reveal how you caught them... but it's too late... BTW: Leigh, have you been present in this particular Modaco event ?
  6. www.msmobiles.com

    Latest News for the MoDaCo Summer Event 2005

    I wish that I was there! anyway: could participants upload photos to flickr.com and tag them with "modaco" tag ?
  7. www.msmobiles.com

    Smart411 - Now a Native SMartphone Application

    I tested this app and it works so that it opens Pocket IE after arguments (state, city, keyword to search) are entered in the app. Question: could you make it so that everything would be inside of the application, without opening IE ? Otherwise one could write such app server side too and no need to leave IE at all...
  8. www.msmobiles.com

    MoDaCo Summer Event 2005

    I wanna come! Can I pay by PayPal please?
  9. www.msmobiles.com

    100,000 registered members!

    f yeah, congrats! windows mobile 5.0 devices will be shipping in october 2005 so let's get ready for it...
  10. www.msmobiles.com

    Orange SPV M500 Released!

    Why is it saying "coming soon" there on the website of Orange? Is this phone - M500 - actually on sale on the street in shops?
  11. www.msmobiles.com

    Cutting through the C550 rumours...

    No Windows Mobile 5.0 :roll: , no deal :exclaim: Apart from that: I still keep dreaming about MS Smartphone with built-in Wi-Fi...
  12. www.msmobiles.com

    Talking Point: What other sites do you frequent?

    yeah, this site is huge and has huge traffic although it is owned by a Chinese Canadian! Another proof that one doesn't have to be in USA to do interesting stuff. 8) I visit several sites regularly, so it's hard to say which one the most often, but of course modaco is one of them - I wish only each and every thread in modaco would have its own XML/RSS thread (and orange icon that on it so that I could follow some threads in my RSS reader). As far as "what Paul O will launch as next site": I reckon it must be something with well-paid keywords like "mortgages", "asbestos" or "[email protected]" :D I wish it will not be support forum for nokia phones :?: BTW: I wish Modaco could produce podcasts regularly ;)
  13. www.msmobiles.com

    Talking Point: Blogs and PodCasts

    Yeah, kind off, but instead of using internet explorer and click on you "download" link of given MP3 file you can download files also automatically with iPodder software. For example websites of some podcasts (non-Windows Mobile) I don't visit at all - each morning I just look into iPodder application that was running in the night on my PC and I copy new podcasts that appeared overnight to my Pocket PC phone to listen to them later!
  14. www.msmobiles.com

    Talking Point: Blogs and PodCasts

    Read here to find out that Adam Curry has not invented podcasting - due to his celebrity status (former MTV VJ) he managed to hijacked this invention for himself and capitalize on it. Regarding "Talking Point: Blogs and PodCasts" my opinion is such: blogging is not so important but podcasting is much important, so Paul maybe could produce a podcast once monthly or monce weekly - it really doesn't take so much... but what can I know? I know nothing...
  15. www.msmobiles.com

    Talking Point: What would you change on MoDaCo?

    ;) are you drinking, what I'm drinking, Leigh? Well, I don't think it's good idea to broaden scope of Modaco - focus is essential to cover given platform in bigger depth. I remember those times when Modaco had sony ericsson section :?:

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