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  1. If it's Orange SF2 then flash stock TPT image.bin and that normally sorts these types of issues.
  2. If adb is working then the first driver is installed, done. now put the phone in FTM (fastboot mode bootloader or whatever you want to call it, maybe FTM or green android screen). Now the pc should prompt you to install a driver. use the driver from this I uploaded http://rollestonpark.myzen.co.uk/crescent/drivers/usb_driver.zip now fastboot should work if all went as planned. you need 2 drivers 1 for when the phone is booted up (adb mode) 2nd driver for bootloader (FTM) which are in that usb_driver.zip file. The second file (usb_driver.zip) are google drivers that I had to mod slightly to make it work.
  3. chris231

    clockwork mod

    Usbdeview can be used to delete USB drivers. You need the google drivers to use fastboot under ftm. But i had to mod the inf file to make it work
  4. chris231

    clockwork mod

    Device not found. Means no device driver installed. Sort that out or use linux. No device driver required
  5. oh vivacity umm, not so easy. Think there is a ZTE program floating around to flash image.bin files, you'll have to do some searches. have tried fastbooting cwm using the FTM mode? then use CWM to flash a rom?
  6. power on with vol up and home (all together) hold them til you see the progress bar and let go if you use the wrong image.bin file then the phone will be totally bricked you have been warned!!! link for SF2 here: http://www.mediafire...xt33vyy9j7kdx57 will need extracting from zip orange sf2 only!!!
  7. flash stock orange TPT image.bin file, that should fix it.
  8. thought flash was pretty much dead and buried on android. (i hate anything adobe...) with Daz on this one...
  9. is this a blade II or a crescent? To different phones that need to be flashed with different roms. If you flash a crescent rom to a blade II then it will probably brick it. Post a photo of the phone perhaps....
  10. chris231

    Apple posts Samsung case judgement on UK website

    I just heard Apple has patented:- reading and the writing down of words.... Anyone doing either of this things on non apple products will get taken to court. (just joking) but this is about how apple operates. It seems. They are clearly very very intimiated by android products and their (more) reasonable prices. Jobs said he'd crush android. It looks unlikely and more likely the reverse might happen.
  11. good question.... uummm, Daz did used to have a flashable kernel (I think) that you flashed after flashing the SF2 package, that sorted it for TMV. But not sure how he build the last TMV package. Might be able to just swop out the kernel. I don't have a TMV, so can't try/test sorry. EDIT: someone else might be along in a min to tell us more, but it might be a case of just changing the boot.img file (but don't hold me to that)
  12. For me personally, I think this CM9 rom runs the best on the SF2. So I followed Daz's guide and resynced this build with the CM9 repos. Not sure if anything has actually changed from Daz's last build. Daz might be able to tell us the answer here. But I have run this build for a day or so and it seems OK. Thought I'd post it here in case anyone is interested. Please backup your current setup first because I'm no dev and this might not work for you. Do the usual wipes etc (ie follow Daz's instructions) http://www.mediafire...19gs1sfbl3bubjc cm-9-20121021-UNOFFICIAL-blade2.zip MD5: A8BBB7B424C9859D8CA4FA1EBB43B678 let me know if it works for you. If it's no improvement I'll remove the download. EDIT: this is for SF2 only !!!!
  13. sorry about that, did used to work, Fixed... I think....
  14. it is decripted in this post:

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