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  1. Downloading the zip right now...Cnt wait to test...Thanks Daz for the hard work..keep it up...Cheers
  2. How to remove gravity box and install xblast module
  3. He has started working...here you can see it https://github.com/Dazzozo/huawei-kernel-3.4/commits?author=Dazzozo any update on the development project? by the way, which project are you currently working on? JB 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 or 4.4? ;)
  4. First take the backup of the ROM then flash the kernel..if you dont like simply restore the backup..thats it..to flash 3.0 kernel you need not to wipe anything..
  5. Mobile data is not working on Y300 i have checked all apn and network settings but didnt find any solution...can anyone help
  6. Hi, Can anyone assist which files to download and flash on y300. I am just bit confused...
  7. Count me in Tillaz...can you please base the rom on b197..
  8. Is NFC working on Y300?? @Joestone- can you confirm it.. and if so then how to?
  9. Shiv Prajapati

    CyanogenMod 10 Build R15 [02/10/14]

    So far so good I m on build 1 For those who are looking for performance. see the screenshot..
  10. Shiv Prajapati

    (Request) Dual Boot

    I think you are very new to android...You are not aware of the advantage of having dual boot..if people like you exist with promoting nokia phone then devs working on CM or other interesting thing should stop working for android...check yourself before saying any worse thing..just an advise. Kra105 and joestone kindly look into this ..you chap can do it ..so we can test CM rom in other slot keeping the stock rom in NAND..
  11. Shiv Prajapati

    (Request) Dual Boot

    Hello Devs, I have found a thread on XDA and I am really very excited to use it on the device.. IF anyone can make it possible then It would be great for all the Y300/G510 users. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1947940
  12. Shiv Prajapati

    CyanogenMod 10.1 Build R22 [02/10/14]

    Great News.. Kra105 I loved your work and the new life you have given to this device.. I am still on build of 24/08/2013.. if Wifi tethering and bluetooth will be fixed than it will be a bonus.. Can you provide the update through OTA also.. so that many can download and update it on the device itself..Just a thought. Anyways cheers.. :)
  13. Can anyone confirm that Bluetooth and WiFi hotspot are working perfectly on Y300....
  14. Shiv Prajapati

    CyanogenMod 10.1 Build R22 [02/10/14]

    Unable to connect wifi and also wifi hotspot is not working...I am on Kra's build ...please have a look into it...Nice rom indeed...

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