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  1. I was having issues with the calendar snooze function as it wasn't working. I thought by reinstalling the app it might fix it so I removed the calendar files from /system/app & then tried to reinstall from the app store. It didnt work. Basically it just shows 'No calendars'. Of course being stupid, I never created a backup before deleting the files, so now I'm stuck. I copied the calendar files from another nexus 4 & put them back in the correct folder but it won't work. I've tried creating a new google account & setting that up in the calendar app but it just shows 'no calendar'. When I go into settings-google-accounts it shows my gmail accounts with 'sync error'. Calendar is not shown in the list. I've also tried removing my Google account,rebooting & then setting it up again & no joy. Factory reset didn't work either. I presume the problem or part of it anyway, is the files are not installed correctly. Anyone have any ideas how I may restore the calendar? Thanks ---- Fixed ----
  2. Cyda thanks for the great work on this. Will you or Tillaz be doing any mods for the nexus 4?
  3. Sorry, I meant to say it doesn't happen with opera mini.
  4. Thanks irishpancake & TangerineTractor for your assistance. Set it up as suggested. Yes mobile friendly sites are ok but I don't like the way desktop sites view, having to zoom in. This doesn't happen with opera mobile so I think I'll stick with that.
  5. That's a nuisance imo. At least with opera mini, sites are sized correctly.
  6. I tried Opera mobile but can't really view sites properly. Look at boards.ie. The font is tiny.
  7. I use GreenPower battery saver to control my wifi & find it works very well.
  8. I flashed this earlier today & so far so good. All names are appearing for incoming calls. I'm currently using the stock plus rom.
  9. I'm also having this issue after using Cwm. I did use sd formatter, card is a SanDisk. Didn't happen when I used infusion. Thankfully I don't need to reboot too often.
  10. I previously used Infusion & haven't experienced any 'jumpy' issues with Stock+.
  11. I have been using GoBackup since Tillaz added it to the Infusion rom. I've never had any problems with it.
  12. Yep I'm getting it too. I also had it when I used the infusion rom. It's the phone.
  13. I turned off spelling correction in languages & input. No more red underlining.
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