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  1. Too excited to hear the great news. Looking forward to your work!!
  2. Try camera ICS+,that may help.But on the other hand, do not treat such a phone as a digital camera.haha
  3. Chinese ROMs are based on the the Chinese factory version of B890 0r B892. Perhaps that was the reason. And mine did not have such problem.
  4. Mine seems to be black,so you can buy one in China. And there is already a custom ROM based on ICS. You have probably seen. Huawei would would update ICS in July for Europe. And why not save your money for other things? Hope this may help.
  5. LZV5.I created this account for you.Someone said we should use English in this forum. But I still want to han kou hao!! QIU DA WEI WU!!
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