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  1. Hello, How can i install circle battery icon with percentage in a Huawei GB 2.3.6 ROM? Where can i find it and how install ir? Thank you
  2. Hello, I´m using this ROM R2, and after the last time i started my phone the "No-Frills CPU" has disappeared and the "google talk" also. I have made a factory reset, but still don't appear the two applications! Any suggestions?
  3. Hello. How can i restore Worldwide B927 ROM, after installing Infusion? I tried the ROM available here (http://www.modaco.com/topic/355851-ics-found-u8815-b927-rom/), using Settings - Storage - Update from sdcard method and always appears the falling error "The key data cannot be backed up. Thus, the upgrade cannot proceed."
  4. As you can see i dont have many experience this metter. What SWAP SYSTEM LAUNCHER do we need to download and install?
  5. Davidoff59, just asking because Tillaz posted around 87 %, 15 minutes, at 11:15 PM...! Not pressing Tillaz :-)))
  6. It is not available yet? How much longer? First page of this post?
  7. tillaz, Hello. Were can i download this ROM and what do i need to do to install it? I already have installed the 927 Worldwide ROM. Thank you.
  8. Hello, Since i update my G300 to ICS 4,through B926 or B927, i cant synchronize facebook contact pictures with the phone contacts. In gingerbread i had no problems. Can anyone please help me?
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