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  1. Have you tried Kii Keyboard? I am using it on Galaxy 2 and 4 and is great. I do not know about GB, sorry.
  2. Wow, Slimbean for G300! I am using this on the Samsung i9100 and is great. I have to try it on the huawei. Can i install over infusion? Thank you dev for the rom
  3. Use Fancy Widgets and change the app that will open when tap the weather on the widget to the huawei weather. Same look in the end.
  4. You are doing a great work. This ROM is great and you as a dev are fantastic. I am saying this after reading thousands of posts on xda on the sgs2 threads - what a mess (ROMs, users, devs alike) Thank you for a stable, fast, clean ROM.
  5. Fantastic ROM: - Impressive battery life. - smooth - stable Wish there were such devs for SGSII also. Thank you,
  6. Thank you. Using this method I updated to B927. Next is root, CWM and custom ROM
  7. Thank you Scanno, Ejtagle, Brucelee666 and all the users off Alpha2 for this to happen.
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