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  1. Blade is still running an old kernel (2.6.x or something?), so I can't see it going past 4.3
  2. Gallery.apk now contains the camera app too, in previous versions of android they were separate
  3. A swap partition might also help, as it acts as a page file, freeing up ram when needed without killing background apps
  4. There is also an option for persistent search bar in settings > launcher > homescreen
  5. From the io schedulers available to blade users I also prefer noop as it has the least CPU overhead, and is fast. Other schedulers are better for multitasking etc, read that link that peetu gave for more info
  6. Mine was always fine with aeroplane mode and no sim, have you made sure it's not an app or process using CPU?
  7. but just leave this clock widget? The "fix" is to not use lockscreen policy app, it's a bug which occurs with CM and that app, happens on my S1 and S2. I prefer the first clock so I delete LockClock.apk and all is fine.
  8. If you don't have a sim card inserted the phone runs like s***, just enable air plane mode (this may have been fixed since I last used the ROM) If you do have a sim, ignore this comment :)
  9. Do you know how lucky we are to have working camera on JB at all? The amount of effort taken to get camera and video working to this level was massive. Plus, blade camera was never good to start with! Lol
  10. To be honest I'm not sure what 'disable HW overlays' does, someone else will explain. I know that force GPU rendering might not have much effect as any well written app already uses GPU rendering where available
  11. 4x Multi Sampling Anti Aliasing, will try to smooth edges on fonts, images, shapes etc - if anything it may slow your phone down as it requires GPU/CPU processing
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