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  1. failed to repair it ? I do not understand how they can fail ... they can flash the phone and sell it after .. Is Intel we have to contact ? or Xolo ? To may ask about the GP Flag, because it seem like that it is the problem with the 'original' IFWI with 2 vibrations isn't it ?
  2. http://support.moulnisky.com/index.php?dir=Xolo/Xolo%20X900/ Each are delivered with a different update.zip X900: Update.zip = 329 009 Ko IFWI: IFWI_PR3.3_v05.A5_CAAK_PPD_ARB.bin FW_DNX: CAAK_SIGNED_PNW_D1_FWR_DnX.FD.05.bin OS_DNX: CAAK-SIGNED_PNW_D1_OSR_DnX.0D.07.bin RECOVERY: BKB4ATI-recovery_ota.img KBOOT: BKB4ATI-droidboot_ota-CAAK-POS.bin X900new: Update.zip = 323 653 Ko IFWI: IFWI_PR3.3_v05.B1_CAAK_PPD.bin FW_DNX: CAAK-Signed_PNW_D1_FWR_DnX.FD.07.bin OS_DNX: CAAK-Signed_PNW_D1_OSR_DnX.0D.08.bin RECOVERY: BKB4ATI-recovery_ota.img KBOOT: BKB4ATI-droidboot_ota-CAAK-POS.bin I put in green colour, the difference of name, however the size is same. I tried with these different packages and : 0x80000023 : 12% 0x80000041 : 12% 0x80000080 : 25%, I got same results for these 2 packages.
  3. For sure, when I try to flash "IFWI_GI_DV1.0_v0E.BB_CAAB_PPD" with the following GP flag : "0x80000094" that does not work. There are 5 vibrations and that is all. However with "0x80000005" that works. So for the IFWI with 2 vibrations ....
  4. here is MFG flash tool : https://mega.co.nz/#F!0UlDnLLR!IuQdqFqT-oIXtvRlQNtLBw But it seems like quite the same as phone flash tool. I will try ... Otherwise I have the same problem as mohit.2 5 Vibration that boot, IFWI with 2 vibrations that doesn't boot unfortunatly
  5. Not yet, i do not have so much time. When I will have free time, I will work on it. (I will go abroad during xmas holiday so i won't be able to do something before January) Oh ! And one change when I flashed the phone is ; the number of vibrations when i turn on the phone. Before it was like 1 or 2 vibration(s), now it is 5 : "bip bip bip, bip............... bip .............." (sorry for this maybe useless information) just telling everything changed. In all case, to unbrick this, I will try the solution with hdmi cable (I have to buy the cable before) and let see ;).
  6. Hi every one, I tried this tool to flash my phone (Orange with Intel Inside FR), and i got "Success". Howerver, after Xolo screen, I just have a black screen. Instead of "fastboot" i used blankphone (Seing the error with karthiknr, i just wonder "Why not to try the other one). I don't know if it is interesting to you, I just share my 'experimentation'. Log attached to this reply. EDIT : I tried with razr (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2174731) and that doesn't work : "Signature verfication failed" test.txt
  7. thanks for all your responses =) (first message updated)
  8. flibblesan's message : Apart from the added Orange apps and the Orange theming in the Orange ICS ROM, both ROMs are identical. Infact they were both built on the very same day within 30 minutes of each other and both are built from the same code base. There are some differences but nothing that will affect performance or cause any bugs. The Orange ROM has quite a lot of added applications - bloatware, if you will - which some people like myself dislike. However the Orange ROM has one thing that the Xolo ROM doesn't have... Intel Wireless Display. However it's very easy to add this to the Xolo ROM by deodexing the original Orange files then pushing the newly deodexed file to the Xolo ROM. If you don't understand that then don't worry as I'll be uploading the file soon. I'm sticking with the Xolo ROM as it's very likely they will continue to provide updates on the website unlike Orange who only provide OTA updates. And I know that Jelly Bean 4.1.2 has been built for the Medfield platform (which our phones are based upon) so I reckon in the next month or two we will have some Jelly Bean goodness. Most likely Borqs who are handling the build will be testing everything and fixing any bugs and if a newer incremental version of Jelly Bean comes out then we will get it. Fingers crossed for a nice Christmas gift :D Final word: Don't worry if you are using the Orange or the Xolo ROM as they are pretty much identical in terms of code. Thats it. Useful Orange apps for the benefit of Xolo ICS users: DeviceStatusWidget_1024x600_Noonhill_A1.00.04_signed.apk.zip 491.46K 1 downloads OrangeWallet-OUK.apk.zip 1.09MB 0 downloads Orange_Widgets_Gallery_signed.apk.zip 835.21K 0 downloads Orange_Widgets_Message_signed.apk.zip 211.88K 0 downloads WirelessDisplay.apk.zip 102.5K 1 downloads These need to be pushed to /system/app/ due to the use of system signatures. If you are using the unsecured adb app then enable this first then 'adb remount' then 'adb push <name of file>' to push, changing <name of file> to the name of the apk you want to push. Once you have pushed, you MUST set permissions: adb shell chmod 644 /system/app/<name of app> replacing <name of app> with the filename for the app you downloaded. First message :
  9. Hi, And we can't have root or flash with JTAG ? (http://software.inte...roid-atom-jtag/) In Intel embedded software development Tools, it's said : (http://software.inte...tom-processors/ in 'What's new') the problem is the hardware necessary to do this ... : ( I'm newby, I just wanted to put together an idea already known but not tested and may have forgotten ;)
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