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  1. Just to let you guys know ICS has now been officially released on the G300. Link: http://forum.vodafon...00/td-p/1324672
  2. I had this problem too, I just restarted my phone and played some music and it sounded normal. Hope this helps! :)
  3. Help!!! I've flashed back to b888 from b934 with the dload and vendor folders but the toggles do not appear in the notification bar or the display settings. And the overall ui has become quite slow!
  4. chohan01

    How to delete TouchPal ?

    I used Titanium Backup and just deleted the TouchPal keyboard and languages!
  5. Just a bit of information to put out there i've noticed that while i'm on mass storage on the rom the transfer rates are slowed way down to ~600kb/s whereas with an official rom like B888 the transfer rates have been ~5 to 9mb/s. I'm running Vista 32bit, I have one crap ass computer.
  6. chohan01


    i've got cm9 and cwm if i full unroot in superuser will i get the stock rom and recovery?
  7. how long did the first boot take for you guys?
  8. Hi guys i'm a complete noob at this, i've rooted my phone following paul's instructions but i'm unsure on what to do. Can someone completely dumb it down for me?
  9. On mine it fails to verify whole-file signature and the installation is aborted?
  10. Thanks for the quick reply paul! What would you recommend? Should I stay rooted and not get the official rom or should I revert back to stock and if so how? Btw why can't you install ota updates if you're rooted? Thanks in advanced and I'm sorry for being a total noob!
  11. Hi guys newbie here, I've rooted my G300 thanks to Paul (BTW you're awesome!) and I've just got to ask this question; if you root you're G300 and install clockworkmod will the future official ICS update work? PS if you just have the stock bootloader with upgraded access from Paul's root thread will the ICS update work? Thanks in advance!

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