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  1. Google Now is amazing! Jelly bean is SUPER fast! Tnx Dazzozo!
  2. I can not download. Downloading is very slow and after a few minutes it stops. I tried to change pc, restart the modem but nothing. Someone can reupload?
  3. Someone could reupload this rom on mediafire? Old link doesn't work for me... Thanks
  4. The download is very slow, 10 kbps. When I reach 30 MB stops ... Help
  5. Tillaz you can make a "Restore.zip", for sense multitasking? I like normal interface! Thanks
  6. Hi, i can restore ics Multitasking?
  7. is the same thing happened to me, happens infrequently
  8. Thanks :D ! Is technically possible enable 720p recording?
  9. Hi omegamoon, thank you for your support and your work. If I can, I propose you three features, Kernel supports swap ram, Camera 720P video recording and voltage control. Thank you again and Sorry for my english
  10. LucabossY

    Overclock Kernel ICS??

    Now, you could create a temporary kernel that supports overclocking?
  11. Hello guys, I wanted ask one question. is possible development a kernel overclock ics? Thank you!

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